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Post Spring: can we beat last summer’s figures?

Coming Meetings (with previous year’s profits)

We have updated the list of coming racedays right through to the end of January 2023.

For interest and more importantly as a guide as to what to expect in this traditionally profitable summer period, we have included the actual profits for each plan in its current form for the corresponding day the previous year ($10k banks).


Of course, what happened for a certain plan on a certain date last year cannot be relied upon to do the same this year but the lists give great confidence going forward with whichever plan you are using.


E4 Betting

Platinum members get the E4 list of bets each raceday as well as full access to Mel and Syd.
E4 is so named because it has four contributing sources: Mel/Syd Combo, Mel-Pro, Platinum and Elite-Suite strategies.


Nationwide Best

Nationwide is a standalone service where members receive the list of bets and ratings sheets from around Australia on Saturdays and midweeks.


Mel Pro

The Mel Pro Strategy bets are available to Mel members (as well as Platinum members). They are calculated using input from the Pro-Strategy bets that have been a part of Elite Ratings since the eighties.


Mel Combo

The Mel-Combo bets have been going for many years and are available to Mel Members as well as Platinum members. This plan alone has made $3,850 profit as listed since that famous April 23rd upgrade.


Syd Combo

The Sydney Combo bets have been going for years as well. Overall very strong results and really came to the fore last month when other E4 contributors were in Spring recess. Available to Sydney members as well as Platinum members.


Coming Meetings
Elite Racing Strategies performance figures last summer, Post Spring: can we beat last summer’s figures?

The above results are a three-month snippet. Although Nationwide had the best bottom line in that period, long term, the E4 makes double the Nationwide profits.



Larry and Ric