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$5k Elite Racing First-4 – Nice finish to Anzac Day

Bog tracks continue in Sydney but, despite limited action over the double header weekend, the Elite strategies made profits across the board except for the Metro Express 1.0% losing bet.


Elite Suite won $394 on Saturday and gave back $120 on Monday so a small 2.74% overall profit.


Platinum won $700 on Saturday and lost $150 on Monday so 5.5% gain over the weekend.


Elite Combo (Mel-Syd) won $1,257 on Saturday and added a further $144 profit on Monday. 14% bank gain over one weekend shows how quickly the bank can go forward.


Perth Inform chimed in with five Top-Rated winners from nine rated races.
Seven top-2 rated winners for the Top-2 Strategy from 8 qualifying races. The profit for that plan was $1,100 for the day.


Probably our best tip for the weekend was on the Mel race-day pro-sheet: “There is the chance of a value multi in the last”.
Many members have reported getting that Race-8  $1,200 trifecta and $5,000+ First-4 using the directions provided on the pro-sheet.

Beehunter 1st @ $7.70,
Zac De Boss 2nd @ 13.00
Sig Positano third at 19.00.
Rockribbed fourth at $4.00

There’s value if you know where to look.