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Elite Suite One Bank vs Four Separate Strategies

The Elite Suite looks at potential qualifiers provided by the four main strategies. ie, Elite Combo Mel + Elite Combo Syd + Platinum + Metro-Express.

After applying the Elite-Suite algorithm and weeding out the higher risk horses, a single one-bank list of raceday bets is provided to members.


We have completed a 14 month side by side analysis of the current-algorithm Elite-Suite one-bank strategy v betting all the qualifiers from the main strategies.


Jan 1st 2021 to end of Feb 2022:


Elite Suite


435 bets


Bet ($10k Bank):                               $ 64,670

Return:                                                 $116,255

Profit:                                                   $ 51,585 (80% pto)



ALL Elite Combos + Platinum+ Metro-X (Bets Divided by 2 for equal outlay comparison)


1005 bets


Bet ($10k Bank):                               $ 75,448

Return:                                                 $129,905

Profit:                                                   $ 53,647 (72% pto)


Over the 14 month period, the bottom line was about the same (dollar wise).



Which way should I go?



Whichever way you go, the bottom line is virtually the same. The long-term profit % is stronger for the Elite-Suite (80% v 72%).



If you want 70 bets per month, betting all four plans would be your choice. If you are happy with 30 bets per month then the Elite-Suite would be it.



The Elite-Suite bets are worked out for you and listed ready to bet.

Betting four plans obviously involves more work at your end because you have to collate and add all the bets from each plans.



 The Elite Suite’s algorithm rejects certain potential qualifiers. Melba Storm was a recent $15 Metro-Express winner that did not get through all the Elite-Suite’s rules.  So if you have the fear of missing out then maybe the four-strategy banks should be considered.


Professional betting is not an exact science where one size fits all so we hope this information has helped you decide the best method for YOU.



Larry and Ric