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Elite Combo Betting Mel-Syd

Melbourne’s Combo live performance has been sensational. On Saturday another $350 profit was added to the $1,880 profit from the previous weekend!. No Sydney qualifiers on Saturday.

Both the Mel and Syd strategies have been explained in great detail. Included at the end of this newsletter are links to the main explanatory newsletters and results lists sent over recent weeks.

This meeting by meeting Mel-Syd Combo bet list

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For those who like facts and stats, the following will explain the Combo process and provide detailed results.

Not into all this technical stuff? Doesn’t matter, we list the bets on raceday ready to bet.

Sydney Combo

Elite Newsletter April 29th 2021 SYDNEY COMBO Pdf

Sydney-Combo-2017-2021  Pdf (List of all Syd Combo bets 2017-2021)

Mel Combo:

* One of the most important printouts below is the list of Elite-Filter qualifiers that were rejected by the Combo filters. The Mel-Syd Elite-Filter rejects: 13 winners from 64. Loss of $4,614. The Combo filters are certainly doing their job!

Elite Newsletter May 2nd 2021 Mel-Combo Elite Filters Pdf

ALL Mel Combo Possibilities listed in Raceday-List Format  Pdf

* E-Filter Bets that ARE NOT Combo Qualified  Pdf

E-Filter Bets that ARE Also Combo Qualified  Pdf

Combo Bets that are NOT Elite-Filters  Pdf


Mel AND Syd Combo (Combined)

May 3rd Data:
Mel AND Syd Combo Combined

Combo Betting Mel and Syd 2020-2021  Excel Spreadsheet

Combo Bets MEL AND SYD Oct 2020 to May 2021
Pdf All Mel AND Syd Combo bets

Combo Bets MEL AND SYD NOT E-F Qualifiers-Oct 2020 to May 2021 Pdf

* MEL AND SYD E-F Qualifiers-but NOT Combo Quals Pdf