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Another Elite Weekend

9th August 2021
Weekend Wash-up


The Mel Elite-Combo runners came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 1st, 1st.

The $1,220 outlay ($10k bank) returned $2,456, a nice start to the season.


Metro-Express:  Metro-X started the season off with one from one last Wednesday.
Saturday’s three winners from the six bets were Schabau ($4.00), Miss Albania $6.50 less 10% deduction and Kingsheir at $5.00.

Return on the $900 invested was $2,085. Net profit of $1,185.

Some members have let me know that they are disregarding the Metro-X bets because they “are the same as the Platinum…”.
That is sometimes the case but a lot of Metro-X winners are not Platinum bets. Miss Albania $6.50 and Kingsheir $5.00 were big Metro-X winners that were not on the Platinum list on Saturday. Not to mention the Wednesday M-X winner Nags To Riches.

At this stage the Metro-Express’s live (June 30th to now) profit of $1,911 is the best of all three new additions (Adl, Metro-X and Platinum).

Metro-Express is up $1,441 this season already as compared with Platinum + $491.


The eight Platinum qualifiers all placed except for Sky Command (injured).
The two Platinum winners were Schabau at $4.00 and The Astrologist at $5.94 after deductions which ensured a net profit of $491 from the $1400 invested ($10k Bank)


Ric was unlucky in Sydney with Fasika bleeding from both nostrils and Sky Command being galloped on and eased out of the race.
Even with half his Combo Bets out of action, he still managed a break-even day thanks to the big win of Kingsheir in the last at $5.00.


Adelaide: Another bush meeting and no qualifying A-Bets. Winners up to 150/1 at Murray Bridge.
We are looking forward to Morphettville next Saturday and really hoping to get back on a track that’s not a bog.