Top-Rated Ratio Bets Power Boosting Profits

Top-Rated Ratio Bets Power Boosting Profits

Top-Rated Ratio Betting is Power-Boosting Profits in real time.

Yesterday at Flemington and Randwick, the Top-Rated Ratio added 23.86% to the bank. As-listed ($10k bank) that meant + $2,386 in one day.


Of course your Top-Rated Ratio bank surged to yet another record high level.

The Top-Rated Ratio strategy is working big-time in real-time.
It’s enhancing the Top-Raters’ profits exactly as designed even in a so-far under-performing month for the top-rated tips.

Thanks for the feedback, here’s a couple of emails…

Rod’s having some fun. He places his win bets from a main bank then plays the multis, I am sure with a different bank. On days of successive winners he has had some massive collects from relatively small outlays. I don’t know his methods and explaining all-ups and multi bets and cash-outs etc is not part of our brief, but any online bookie would be able to help you if you wanted to run one selection into others with a ‘fun’ bank.

Rod K Betting testimonial


Gavin’s email is typical of many received.

Gavin Betting testimonial

The silent majority of Elite members simply enjoy their membership and do not email after a loss or a win. We don’t expect congratulatory emails for simply providing what we promise.

But we not only sincerely appreciate the feedback, it’s inspirational. We get a genuine kick when we hear that our hard work results in your success. It keeps us firmly on track to make sure we never stop striving to provide the highest possible standards in results and service.


Larry and Richard

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