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Results Update Australia Wide

Elite Saturday Overview Australia Wide

It was great to end the Melbourne spring carnival period with success across the board on Saturday:

Mel Combo         + $700
Syd Combo         + $420
Platinum              + $165
Metro-Express + $90.
Adl A Bets:          No bets

Things start to settle down now as we enter our bread and butter period (like August-September) so if you haven’t already, please set up your banks for each strategy that you are using to ensure the maximum profits that are coming up.

Season So Far:

Mel Combo         +  $5,201
Syd Combo         + $1,727
Platinum              +  $9,619
Metro-Express  + $4,829
Adl A Bets:          –   $ 430

InForm Perth

This season has seen Inform Perth really excel with accurate top-rated selections and profitable specials.

In previous evaluations we have come up with suggestions as to how to get the best out of the Perth information. Sadly those attempts ended up with complicated rules that a lot of members had trouble implementing.

Our mission to find a simpler raceday betting solution for Perth has been successful.

Our Perth man’s percentage of winners in the top-2 is outstanding.

This season, from 238 top-2 bets he has hit with 61% winners to races producing a profit of more than $5,000 for a $100 level bet.

, Results Update Australia Wide

Below is a breakdown of this season in Perth.

The Top-Rated are winning, the specials are winning and the second rated are winning.

He is all over it with just two picks.

For those who need some direction to take advantage of this outstanding top-2 accuracy, I have this recommendation that has minimal, simple rules.

  • Perth Top-2 Rated
  • No 2yo races
  • No bets on Heavy Tracks (8-9-10)
  • No bets on runners that touch double figure odds. This rule is the tricky one but it very important to implement as best you can. These Top-2 rated $10+ shots are winning at just 4% and losing 62% on turnover. We have no AM (morning) odds for the Perth ratings so this will require the user to determine if a horse is going to go around at $10 or more. The closer to start-time the better but I understand that some members have to get set earlier. Probably the best advice would be to check at the time you are about to place the bet and NOT bet if the odds are $10 or more.
  • Excel-using members can explore this further using the Inform-Perth-Results spreadsheet which is kept up to date online in the InForm members area.

, Results Update Australia Wide

There is gold in the Perth selections and we are on constant lookout for the best and easiest approach for you. Backing the winner in more than half of the Perth races will be very appealing to most.

Here’s a look at the past two weeks Top-2 Strategy performance to give you an idea of the fun and profits from Top-2 betting in Perth with InForm.

15 winners from 19 races.

, Results Update Australia Wide


Not in Perth InForm yet?

If you want to make your raceday complete I strongly recommend a subscription to Perth InForm.

Perth InForm membership is stand-alone and completely separate to any of the Elite services and packages.

To make that membership easy for you, we have set up a discount coupon called inform30 that reduces the cost by 30%.

Go to: https://www.eliteracing.com.au/membership/inform/

Then choose your preferred membership option from the drop-down list:
, Results Update Australia Wide

Click “Sign Up Now” then click on “click here to enter your code” then type inform30 in the coupon box. That will discount any membership to InForm Perth by 30%.

, Results Update Australia Wide

Then simply complete the order and your membership to Perth Inform will be set up immediately.

Larry and Richard