How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia

How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia

I’ve tried lots of racing services and always get the same losing result. Is there a racing service that can show me how to win on Horse Tips racing in Australia?

Win on Horse Racing in Australia, How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia

Yes! Elite Racing is the acknowledged clear leader in providing accurate race day information and strategies that help hundreds of Australian punters finally profit from their punting in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Australia’s most ACCURATE selections for Melbourne and Sydney

In the nineties, racing tips australia was the clear leader in the punting watchdog ‘bible’ Punters Choice.
Elite was the only Melbourne service invited to the Sydney Form-Forum series set up by the legendary Mark Read.Win on Horse Racing in Australia, How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia
Fast forward to today – Elite was recently voted NUMBER 1 from 50 other services by today’s independent punting watchdog.
The level of excellence has not wavered because our methods are unique, and they always get results.

There are hundreds of services out there, but they all use the Don Scott weights and measures model that simply doesn’t cut it in today’s horse racing tips. They program in the race-class, weights and margins, push a button and there you go, that’s your tip. Then you must watch all day to see if the bookies will give a price greater than the rated price.
No wonder all these services have bookie ads to earn a commission from their client’s losses!

At Elite, we start our race-detective work on Wednesday and are still adjusting on Saturday morning after scratchings. It is time consuming work going through each individual runner’s prospects with a fine-toothed comb. Every race has its own set of problems that cannot be solved by pushing a button. We simply have the best Australian Best horse racing tips.

Strategies with Proven Winning Results, year after year.

It is one thing being the most accurate tipping service, but you still must apply correct betting strategies to ensure the ultimate profits each year.

Sure, you could bet a level stake on EVERY Elite Top-Rated tip and finish 15% in front but why not enhance profits by concentrating on the selections that are in the known areas of greatest profit and avoid any that are in our pre-identified weak areas?
We have the strategies. They are easy to use, and your bets can be placed on race morning (no price watching or overlay betting for Elite punters.

Our strongest strategy is also the easiest, the Elite Filters. The bets are listed ready to go on the Sydney horse racing tips race-day email as well as the online members’ pages.

It’s all about the future but the application of the Elite Filter algorithms over the past three years demonstrates the power that Elite Punters have at their disposal.

Win on Horse Racing in Australia, How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia



Pace and Speed Maps
Win on Horse Racing in Australia, How to Win on Horse Racing in Australia

We know which races will be won by swoopers and which ones will be on-pace dominated. We know which horses are suited accordingly. It is not a matter of fast-pace = swoopers that’s for sure.

Pace is not a new concept. Remember we were publishing Weekly Video Reports in the mid-nineties with our famous “Trend” horses and sectional-times analysis

Our deep knowledge of pace, speed maps and race-dynamics have provided us with a huge advantage for decades and we do have to chuckle when we hear each new speed guru come along advertising their ignorance with massive over-emphasis of sectional times and plain misreading of speed maps in general.


The Best Customer Service and After-sales Guidance.

Win on Horse Racing in Australia, How to Win on Horse Racing in AustraliaWe are famous for going the extra mile to look after members & give Professional Horse Racing Tips punting guidance all the way. . Elite clients feel like they are in a winning club where their success is the only thing that matters. We make sure that all customer queries are attended to on the same day with the Elite personal touch.

We rely on happy, successful clients that stay for the long term. We must make sure you succeed – If you succeed, we succeed.
We love watching members morph into successful professional or semi-professional punters. And some now-professional members were self-confessed mug punters when they came to Elite.


We’ll Provide Everything You need to Win, have you got what it takes?

We have the tools for any member to win at punting, but we don’t claim a 100% success rate. Some members simply aren’t ready.

There is a degree of discipline and commitment required to get through any bad runs that come along. And then there is the non-negotiable of committing a physical bank. Sounds simple but some clients don’t see the need to back their investment with real money other than what is in the wallet (or credit card) at the time. They have lost before they start and are gone after the first losers come along.

Elite is not for those who want to “have a look”.  But if you have resolved that you really want to win at Horse Punting and are prepared to do what it takes; you are in the right place.

Go ahead, get the absolute best Aussie horse racing tips – Elite Racing. It will be the most astute investment decision of your life.