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Elite Ratings Gold Bets.

Note: For detailed information on the various Components that make up Elite Racing we have set up a one-page reference directory:

We deliver Australia’s most profitable tips to members in Ready-To-Bet format. No waiting or watching odds. Everyone knows that Elite Ratings provide the most accurate ratings for Melbourne racing. The average odds of Elite selections is nearly twice the industry average.

The Elite-Ratings-Gold bets are calculated directly off Elite Ratings and make full use of the accuracy and value that Elite is famous for.

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Five Top-rated winners from seven rated races. The Elite Ratings Gold bets $1,100 profit.


Ratings Gold System 2014-2017 Results

The Elite Ratings Gold bets are Elite’s most powerful win betting system with the perfect mix of action, strike-rate and value. The simplicity at your end belies the power under the bonnet at this end.

Our Elite Ratings Gold Bets average winning odds is $4.77. That’s close to double the industry standard. Combine that with the amazing winning strike rate and you can see why Elite members can’t wait for the next Elite meeting.

The Elite Ratings Gold Bets are our main winning strategy because the current settings are so strong that no other plan can come close to it as an all round performer. The mix is perfect; action, strike rate, average winning odds and consistent winning months. Unfortunately, like any plan, it can have a losing month here or there but they are few and far between.


Elite Ratings Gold Specials

The Elite Specials betting Strategy is a low action high strike rate plan making extraordinary profit on turnover. They are the Best of the Best Elite-Ratings Gold selections. They have a cult following with a strike rate better than 40%.

Ratings Gold SPECIALS 2014-2017 Results

Most members operate this amazingly accurate plan to finance their membership subscription whilst the other main plans with more action builds their wealth.

There are usually one or two bets per meeting, which are listed ready to bet.


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