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Proven Strike Rates with Quaddie Betting


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Elite Racing has the most accurate ratings in Australia. We pick the winner in the top five better than 80% of the time. And because our average winning odds are almost double the industry standard, the Quaddies are making excellent long-term profits.

“If you are playing the quaddies you need Elite”

Taking 5 horses in each leg shows a collect rate of 36% since November 2014 and a net profit rate of better than 50%.

Taking 6 horses in each leg shows a collect rate of 47% since November 2014 and a net profit rate of 10%.

Quaddie betting is very popular, but quite often punters can get caught up in “quaddie fever”. They over-bet hoping for that massive payout.

Long runs of outs can occur. We don’t recommend the quaddies as part of the “Elite Professional Raceday portfolio”. We give a great chance to snare the quaddie but it is not a truly professional way of betting.

Do not get carried away and treat the quaddie differently. It is just one of many separate bets you may have on an Elite raceday and we would not recommend more than 1% of your bank on this form of betting.

Complete results are kept up to date on the online members Quaddie Results Spreadsheet where you can analyse every set of Quaddie tips going back to 2014.

Quaddies can be the source of much frustration. The Australian Cup of 2016 is a good example. We picked The Quarterback in leg 1 at $26. We had Felecienne in leg 3 at $11. Yes, we had Tried and Tired in the last leg at$5 however, in leg 2 we had Awesome Rock which got past the line first at $26 but was stripped of the race in the stewards room in a very controversial protest. That would have been a $50k quaddie but we got nothing.