What is your current Tipping and Ratings Form?

An Elite member who started on Saturday sent in this query:

Q: “… I understand that you are big on the main strategies but your top-rated performance over the weekend of six top-rated winners from 14 (42.8%) @ average winning odds of $5.33 was very impressive.

My other service is really struggling, how have your overall top-rated tips been going over previous weeks, and do you get anywhere near 50% winners in your top three?…”


A:    It certainly has been tough for most tipsters in recent times but you only need to look at the latest Elite Racing stats in Melbourne show that Elite members are in the right place, especially during such a tough period.


In March- April, the 41 Top-Rated tips produced 27% net level stakes profit on turnover.

$100 level bets on the 82 second and third raters in the same period made $4,360 net level stakes profit (That’s +53%).


We are all over it with 68% winners in the top-3 rated @ $6.35.

Yes, 28 of the 41 rated races in March-April had the winner rated in the top-3 at winning odds the others dream about!

, What is your current Tipping and Ratings Form?