Weekly Income in REAL TIME

We powered into Post-Spring on Saturday with both Elite-Filters and the Top-Ratio qualifiers winning well. Refer to blog: Elite-Newsletter to members Nov 17th 2019

That’s great because it consolidates the results for the season so-far and shows that we continue to provide members access to a really solid second income in real time.

Mel-Syd stats since August 1st.

Elite Filters Mel-Syd 2019-2020 Season So Far As Listed

14 weeks
74 Bets (36.5% S-Rate)
27 WON
Net Profit: $2,602


Top Ratio Strategy 2019-2020 season so far As Listed
79 Bets
25 WON
Net Profit As Listed: $1,492


Syd-Gold 2019-2020 season so far As Listed
38 Bets
12 WON
Net Profit As Listed: $670

Syd-Gold Pro 2019-2020 season so far As Listed
12 Bets
Net Profit As Listed: $1,445


Power in Numbers  Mel Plus Syd

The stats and profits are good for one-sate members but the small extra investment for the other state’s membership is far outweighed by the massive extra overall profits and probably more importantly, the smoothing effect of two states working together.