Weekly Income in REAL TIME

Weekly Income in REAL TIME

We powered into June on Saturday with both Top-Ratio $100+ qualifiers winning well and the “Winning Filters” making nice profits in Syd and Mel with three winners from four bets.

That’s great because it consolidates the big comeback since Anzac day when the pendulum started its swing to the positive after a down four weeks prior.
It always happens like this. The great majority of members stuck fast and have really cashed in.

Look at these Mel-Syd stats since Anzac Day.

Top Ratio $100+
25 Bets
13 WON
Net Profit As Listed: $2958
Six winning meetings in a row with net profits of: $45, $986, $225, $440, $687 and Saturday’s $575.

Even betting the Top-Ratio $50’s and $10’s made a profit in this comeback period:
63 Bets
18 Won
Net Profit As Listed: $381

The Top-Zone had only 7 qualifiers during this period for 2 winners and a small profit of $53.

Elite-Top Bets (Larry and Ric’s private filter)
21 Bets
11 WON
Net Profit As Listed: $3018
Six winning meetings in a row with net profits of: $132, $556, $932, $728, $200 and Saturday’s $470.

7 Bets
Net Profit As Listed: $1145

Syd-Gold Pro
5 Bets
Net Profit As Listed: $925

Filters Mel-Syd
The three ‘live’ meetings have already produced a net profits of $1,380. ($710, $20 and Saturday’s $650). Ten winners from 19 bets.

Remember, we were testing and listing these “Filter” bets and including on the race-morning spreadsheets from mid-April so to compare with the plans above, here are the stats back to Anzac Day

42 “Filters” Bets
18 WON
Net Profit $100 Level: $2115


In Real Life

The 15th May newsletter spelt out the Filters concept so from that date all members were aware of the concept and that the qualifiers were available on the race-morning spreadsheet. They were also listed online.

From feedback it is clear that, after reading that newsletter, a lot of members watched the live first day of the filters concept on May 18th .
Then, seeing $710 net profit in one day and the follow-up “…it’s a good time to get serious…” newsletter, most members bit the bullet and added a separate Filters Bank on Saturday 25th May.

Taking into account the stats in those newsletters, 99% culled the less-than $100 bets from their Top-Ratio betting.

For those members the net real-time profit in two meetings is $1,932That’s as listed which assumes $10k Banks.
Even if the total bank was $5k ($2,500 for each plan) the profit is already $483.

Power in Numbers

It is a pleasure to pen so many consecutive positive newsletters and I do hope it shows the immense value of Mel and Syd memberships working together. However, I have added extensive data to the “Mel-Syd-Filters” spreadsheet which separates the Filters strategy and Top-Ratio into one-state membership scenarios.

The stats and profits are good whatever your membership status but the small extra investment for the other state’s membership is far outweighed by the massive extra overall profits and probably more importantly, the smoothing effect of two states working together.