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Sydney Ratings

Ultimate Ratings and Strategies for Sydney Races. Elite Racing methods applied to Sydney Racing

Elite Ratings Sydney

An Elite Racing Sydney membership is easily the best racing package available for Sydney racing.

You have the proven accuracy and value of Elite Ratings selection methods, proven over 30 years, blended into a simple to use raceday super-plan that produces continuous high profits.
You can join the Elite Sydney winners right now. Memberships start from less than $10 per week.

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  • Sydney Saturday Class meetings
  • Full Ratings, speed-map
  • Sydney-Gold betting strategy and Sydney Gold PRO Betting.
  • Comprehensive spreadsheet of past ratings. You can analyse and do what-ifs or simply audit the results using the actual formulas we use.
  • We are famous for going the extra mile to look after members and give professional punting guidance all the way.

Become a member of a winning club where your success is the only thing that matters. If you succeed so do we. That’s why we have led the way for 30 years.

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Sydney Gold Results

The Sydney-Gold bets ($50, $75, $125 and $150 and $200 bets).

Here is a pdf printout of the Sydney-Gold-2017.

Sydney Gold PRO Betting

The Sydney-Gold PRO bets can be $125 and $150 and $200 bets.

Here are the Sydney-Gold-PRO-Bets

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