How to Series: How Elite Members WIN

Why Elite Members WIN

This is the conclusion in our Intro Pak for new members. It gives an insight as to why so many Elite members are now successful punters who are having fun and can’t wait for the next meeting.


You will not win money at the races unless you can rigidly stick to a plan through thick and thin.

If you can make the commitment to yourself to bet methodically and professionally from now on, then I know that you will make as much as you want from your betting.

With Elite you have unique access to winning selections, proven profitable betting strategies and very importantly, after sales professional guidance.

All you need is the determination and business-like approach to make this work.

The percentage of renewals to Elite is very high and I intend to keep it that way. Subscribers do not renew unless they are happy with the product, happy with the service and are making a profit.

If you have any specific queries just send me an email. We are here to help you and fellow members improve all aspects of your punting, in particular the bottom line.

We are committed to ensuring that this is your most professional and lucrative choice of your entire investment portfolio.