September Continues where August left off

September Continues where August left off

Elite punters took an astronomical amount from the bookies on Saturday.

Larry’s Best: 3 from 4
Elite Gold: 5 from 10 (Inc $15 and $6 winners)
Top-Rated Elite: 5 from 9…

Thanks for the scores of emails. For sure, a great day was had by all at Caulfield on Saturday but that was just one of many excellent profit days since having that losing month in June.

Here’s Saturday’s raceday pro-sheet (with winning divs).

Elite-Raceday-ProSheet-Saturday-2nd-September 2017-Caulfield

Every Main-Strategy has retrieved all the June losses and shot to new record bank highs yet again.

It always happens and those who stuck fast have been rewarded big time. Those who jumped ship, bad luck.

June was awful at the time:

Elite Gold lost $975, Larry’s Best lost $600, Elite Top-Rated lost $910.

Elite Pace Strategy won in June, it has not lost in any month this year.

But look what has happened since (July-Aug-Sept)

Elite Gold has WON $3,871 (As listed)

Larry’s Best has WON $1,646 ($200 level)

Elite Top-Rated has WON $3,908 ($100 level)

Elite Pace has WON $2,871 ($10k bank = 5 times as listed)

Main-Strategies’ Results 2017

 This table lists ALL 2017 bets (AS-LISTED) that qualified for any of the four main plans; Ratings Gold, Larry’s Best, Elite Ratings All Top-Rated and Elite Pace Strategy.

Just have a look at July-Aug and Sept so far. That June hiccup looks insignificant now, doesn’t it?

These are seriously good stats across the board. I am very proud of what we are delivering and I hope you are all seeing the value for money in your Elite investment.

Once again, thanks for the feedback that I receive on a weekly basis. I try to answer each one.

Here are a few random ones from the weekend.