We weed out the Hope Shots

There are a lot of those “Best-Backed” horses that are in reality simply stable hope shots. They are easily weeded out by Elite Ratings. This is not your run of the mill  “market movers” service, it goes way beyond that simplistic model.

When we uncover a Best-Backed that has a winning rating from Elite’s legendary Elite-Ratings, the strike-rates and profits are sensational.

The RIGHT MONEY TALKS and the best-backed concept is one of Elite’s most consistent sources of profits.

The power of the Money Trail Super-Bets and MT Top bets has been well and truly demonstrated. So much so that most members have a second main bank for them. (After their Elite Filters bank).
We suggest a win betting bank for the combined MT Super-Bets and MT Top bets at a ratio of $200 for MT Super-Bets and $150 MT-Top (assumes a $10k bank)

This season alone the net profit is more than $4,500