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29% Elite Money Trail

We weed out the Hope Shots

There are a lot of those “Best-Backed” horses that are in reality simply stable hope shots. They are easily weeded out by Elite Ratings. This is not your run of the mill  “market movers” service, it goes way beyond that simplistic model.

When we uncover a Best-Backed that has a winning rating from Elite’s legendary Elite-Ratings, the strike-rates and profits are sensational.

The RIGHT MONEY TALKS and the best-backed concept is one of Elite’s most consistent sources of profits.

Tested publicly on Facebook for Three Years!

We have been posting Melbourne “Best-Backed” runners on Facebook each race-morning since 2016. The selections have continuously made good profits but in 2019 the performance has skyrocketed.
You can easily go to the eliteracing facebook site, like Elite and check the past race-morning postings if you want to.

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January 20172$400$760$36090%
February 20173$600$1,220$620103%
March 20173$600$980$38063%
April 20174$800$1,520$72090%
May 20172$400$340-$60-15%
June 20173$600$1,390$790132%
July 20173$600$1,360$760127%
August 20172$400$880$480120%
September 20175$1000$730-$270-27%
October 20172$400$770$37093%
November 20172$400$500$10025%
December 20177$1,400$1,620$22016%
January 20186$1,200$1,740$54045%
February 201812$2,400$3,540$1,14048%
March 20186$1,200$910-$290-24%
April 20184$800$1,560$76095%
May 20184$800$1,110$31039%
June 20187$1,400$1,220-$180-13%
July 20184$800$840$405%
August 20186$1,200$380-$820-68%
September 20183$600$840$24040%
October 20182$400$660$26065%
November 20186$1200$1110-$90-8%
December 20187$1400$660-$740-53%
January 20193$600$820$22037%
February 20196$1,200$920-$280-23%
March 20196$1,200$1,500$30025%

What our happy clients are saying...

  • From: Brendan            nd.com> Sent: Wednesday, 27 November 2019 6:59 PM To: Elite Racing <win@eliteracing.com.au> Subject: another very happy client!   Hi Larry & Richard Further to my comments about the fantastic service that you provide when …

    Brendan H 28th Nov 2019 (11.2019)

  • Great day again yesterday gents. I am extremely impressed with your level of service and the detail you provide. Just amazing! Cheers, Stu

    Stu May 26th 2019 (05.2019)

  • Hey Larry, As usual great communication and information. Took the family to Fiji last month on profits made through elite racing. Keep up the good work. Happy Punting Daniel S

    Daniel S May 22nd 2019 (05.2019)

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