Place-Betting Bonanza

Place-Betting Bonanza

Astute Elite Racing members are doing very well with place bets on Elite strategies.

By concentrating on any of the main strategies (Top-Rated Elite, Larry’s Best, Elite Gold, Top-Rated Strategy) qualifiers that are also E2-Combo >=$100 qualified, we find a gold mine for place-punters.

Larry’s Best Place Bets

Here’s the summary of Larry’s Best 2017 that passed the E2-Combo algorithm (ie: were E2-Combo qualifiers)

$4,460 net profit from the 78 place-bets so far in 2017.

Elite Top-Rated Place Betting

Here’s the summary of Elite Top-Rated for 2017 that passed the E2-Combo algorithm.

These are sensational Place-Betting returns.