Multi Trick Pony

A member asked, “…Larry, I am surprised you don’t brag about the results of the several other strategies that are listed for us in the Master Spreadsheet on race-morning – Larry’s Best, % Bets, Top-Rated 6 Filter Bets, your colour coding variations – they are all doing brilliantly in 2021…”

Firstly, the reason for not continually updating members on the other current plans that we list in the Master Spreadsheet each race-morning is because non-spreadsheet users don’t access this extra data. We estimate at least 80% of members do utilise the Excel spreadsheet so there is about 20% who are not across these other strategies.
They too will now have the qualifiers for each plan made available to them on race-morning.

Above and Beyond

Spreadsheet-using Elite members have access to all this valuable data 24/7 and it is all updated on race-morning with each plans’ qualifiers for the day.

Most other services would not have the foggiest what happened last Saturday let alone being able to analyse to the ‘nth degree going back 7 years!

I know all this analysis means little to some members but the results on the other hand relate to the membership cost so they are very important.

So how are these plans doing in 2021?

Here is a look at the performance stats of each of the strategies listed in the Master Spreadsheet.
The bet size is as-listed otherwise $100 Level Stakes ($10k bank).

Horse Racing Tips and Professional Betting Strategies analysed, Multi Trick Pony

Here is how the monthly profits came in for each plan going back to the live start of the current Elite-Filters algorithm in late October.

Horse Racing Tips and Professional Betting Strategies analysed, Multi Trick Pony

Strength in Numbers

The profit spread over the five monthly periods is a real eye opener.

All plans are very profitable but each had flat or losing months which is normal for any plan. However when you look at the combined productivity, every month’s a winner (assuming a choice between the two colour coding options). And our main plan is not necessarily the major contributor.

If one followed all plans the overall multi-bank journey stays very smooth with none of the nasty losing months that most individual plans can throw up. Diversification has a lot going for it.

We will provide deeper discussion on operating multiple betting plans in coming newsletters as well as looking at Sydney.
There are obviously lots of coinciders between the plans and I will bring your attention to some dead wood that we are now aware is holding those old plans back.

All the qualifiers from each plan will now be listed online for ALL members each race morning.


I hope today’s data demonstrates that Elite is not a one-trick pony.
The ratings are accurate and pass the ultimate test – producing multiple sustainable profitable strategies.

Elite members have options. If plan-A doesn’t suit, plan-B probably will.