Mel-Syd Membership: Profits Guaranteed

Risk-Free 16 week membership opportunity

Syd-Mel Membership Profits Guaranteed or Money Back

Elite Racing, Australia’s most trusted service is offering a REAL money-back guarantee.

Make a profit or get your money back in full.

Elite punters have always bet with great confidence that they will win – but never more so than now! Remember, we were independently voted number one for performance from 50 other services.

The Top-Rated Ratio strategy allocates a bet size to EVERY Elite-Ratings Top-Rated tip for Melbourne and Sydney. It is so precise that nearly all members are using this method for their main professional betting bank.

A level $100 bet on EVERY Top-Rated tip (Mel & Syd) for 2017-2018 is $16,000 in front.
The Top-Rated Ratio multiplies that level $100 stakes profit figure many times over with smaller average bets (with no increase as the bank grows).

Because we know that this is the strongest strategy ever from Australia’s long-proven most profitable racing service, we are offering you RISK-FREE 16 week membership.

Here is the opportunity

Join Elite Melbourne and Sydney to 30th April 2019 at the highly discounted cost of $390 (total).
(These memberships normally cost $98 per month EACH).

If the Top-Rated Ratio bets do not make an overall net profit in that period, we will refund the $390 in full.

This is real, we have led the way for 30 years because we are successful, we are honest and deliver what we promise.


  • $390 buys complete Elite-Racing Mel-Syd membership to 30th April 2019.
  • Top-Ratio Bets are delivered to you by email and online each applicable raceday
  • The guaranteed money back profitability period is from 12th Jan 2019 to 30th April 2019.
  • We will keep a record of every Top-Ratio bet from 12th January 2019 to 30th April 2019
  • Results at Best Of The Best Odds. (Best of totes or Top Flucts).
  • If the net outcome of the total returns less the total bets to April 30th is negative then your membership fee of $390 will be refunded in full. ie: if the Top-Ratio betting is not in profit you get your money back

This is a genuine once only offer.

The clock starts ticking on the guaranteed period on Saturday 12th January even if you delay joining to a later date.

 This is a must have for any punter who wants the best of the best from the best. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

, Money Back Guaranteed Membership  Secure, simple and Quick.


Compare the actual Top-Rated Selections (Mel-Syd) as delivered for the Jan-April period in 2017 and 2018.

These top-Rated tips were actually delivered each applicable race-morning. Elite members betting on all the top-rated selections did make the fantastic profits as listed below (left column) in the short window from mid-January to the end of April.

Both years were very similar and in both cases, the $100 level bet outlay was slightly more than the Top-Ratio Scale yet the Level $100 net profit fell about $11,000 short of the Top-Ratio profit in both years.

This year may be worse but it may be better, nobody knows. We are backing ourselves that it will be very profitable again and you will become a long-term Elite punter.

We have assumed a $10k bank in both cases but you can see that even a very small bank can make significant profits. $10 average Top-Ratio bets would have made more than $1,700 net profit in the 16 week period in both years!

$100 Level Stakes v Top-Ratio Bet scale

16 week period Jan-April

Actual Top-Rated Tips $100 Level Stakes As delivered in real time on race-mornings. Exactly the same Top Rated tips using the Top-Ratio Bet scale Algorithm (that members can view and audit)
 , Money Back Guaranteed Membership  , Money Back Guaranteed Membership
 , Money Back Guaranteed Membership  , Money Back Guaranteed Membership


More Information?

The actual Top-Rated Ratio algorithm that we use to calculate the bets is provided to members in the members’ spreadsheet. That means every member can check/audit right back to January 2017 using the actual raceday data that was uploaded on each race-morning. That race-morning data is never changed.

The actual results and more info can be found at:


Thank you for your time,

Larry and Richard Taylor

, Money Back Guaranteed Membership  Secure, simple and Quick.