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The strategy you demanded for Perth InForm is here. $534 net profit per week from eachway betting in Perth.

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When InForm Perth started we were granted access to the our Perth man’s ratings/selections with his $100 and $200 Best Bets identified.
We were not able to access past data and are not privy to the inner workings of his betting ideas.

Members have been crying out for a Strategy and boy, have we delivered.

We have produced a spreadsheet listing all the rated selections since going live – now more than 1000 entries. After analysing the six months of data so far, I can’t put into words how valuable this exercise has been.

The raw bottom line of his selections so far (Aug 2020 to now) is profitable (Top-Raters and Specials) but there are a lot of trash races that are clearly identifiable and are costing the overall big time.

We have developed an algorithm that separates those obvious poor choices of races from the ones that should, and do make a lot of money will explain exactly how in a minute.

Firstly here are the stats of ALL InForm Top-Raters since going live in August 2020.


ALL Top-Rated:

183 bets

62 Winners (33.9%) @3.09

$100 Level Bet:                       $18300

$100 Level Bet Return            $19160

Net Profit:                              $860

Yes, a level $100 on EVERY InForm top-rater is showing $860 net profit. That’s a good base to start with.

Now, if I was reading that, my first thought would be “how convenient”.
But just have a look at how simple and logical this separation process is. It is simply common sense to reject such obviously weak races full of horses that cannot be relied on.
I am not sure what our Perth man does with them but I can’t make them work!

InForm Top-Rated Separation Rules


1:         All $200 Specials are “OK” regardless.

2:         Exclude 2yo races

4:         Exclude Benchmark races less than 78

5          Exclude 0MW (zero metro wins)

6:         Exclude Less than seven starters

7:         Exclude 3yo and 1MW if distance >1300m

7:         All others are OK


InForm Betting Scale


I have developed a very simple betting scale which has been built into the spreadsheet (Column AL).


“OK” bets that are $200 specials get $200 (2.0% of the bank)


“OK” Bets less than 1400m $150


“OK” Bets 1400m+ $100. There is a consistent and conspicuous difference in performance between sprints and 1400+ races. For now, we must have some defence in place with more conservative bets for the longer races.


For Place Bettors:


We recommend $200 (2.0% of $10,000) Place Bet on all win bet qualifiers regardless of $200, $150 or $100 win bet.


Eachway Last Saturday:

Just two bets at Ascot. Son of a God $100 x $200 and Excellent Dream $150 x $200.
Bet $650, Return $1,760, Profit $1100.


End Result?


WIN Bets:       74 (3.2 bets per meeting, about 12 per month)


Won:               39 (52.7% @ $3.25)


Bet                 $10,600


Return           $18,705


Profit             $ 8,105 (+76%)


And here is the bonanza for Place Bettors.


74 Place Bets


55 Placed (74.3% @ $1.72)


$200 Place Bets:          $14,800


Return:                         $18,970


Level $100 Profit:        + $4,170


With these strike rates you could easily bet eachway from the one bank.


A $10,000 bank has made $12,275 net profit in 23 weeks betting eachway!


That’s $534 net profit per week.


Eachway betting has been built into the spreadsheet.


Raceday: How do I know the qualifiers?

Firstly we have provided the rules. The qualifiers can be determined from the InForm Raceday Sheet.

We will give more direction for that with examples later because the exact race type and restriction can sometimes be a bit hard to work out without that direction.

So, for an indefinite period, (to enable you to double check your qualifierswe will work out the qualifying bets out as soon as we receive the InForm raceday data.

We will add a list (similar to the Elite-Filters) of qualifiers with the bet amounts calculated ready to bet to the raceday message.

This is a massive extra bonus as we can now go forward with InForm with a clear profitable strategy.


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Larry and Ric