How-To Series: Elite Ratings Top-Rated

Elite Ratings Top-Rated

Elite provides ratings and pricing for the top five rated selections. 80% winners are pinpointed in Elite’s top five rated horses.

The TOP-Rated tips are incredible. They make a profit year after year at the base level – a level stakes bet on every one BEST HORSE RACING TIPSTER AUSTRALIA!

$100 level bet in 2017 made more than $7,000 NET Profit. Yes, nearly $600 per per month tax free profit by simply betting $100 on EVERY Top-Rated tip Melbourne Horse Racing Tips.

$100 Level Bet in 2018 (to July 31st) is $3,500 in front. Yep, $500 net profit per month in 2018 so far.

Top-Raters that are also Top-Zone Qualifiers are striking at 39% @ $5.16 average winning odds in 2017-2018 for 102% NET Profit on turnover.


The Elite Top-Rated are listed on the raceday email and online. They can also be found in the raceday Pro-Sheet pdf and the Raceday Excel Spreadsheet. There are links to them on the email and online.

This is a ratings sheet showing that on July 28th 2018, Snitzepeg (won at $5.10) was Top-Elite-Rated (Rated order = 1). You can see he was also a Top-Zone Special (far right column, >=$200 Top-Zone bet)

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