Fun Punting with Elite Racing Top Rated Tips

Fun Punting with Elite Racing Top Rated Tips

Elite Melbourne and Sydney are producing big dollar profits with the top-rated selection from EVERY rated race (About $3k Syd and $3k Mel) from $100 level bet this year). The True Fav equivalent are the $200 True Fav bets. They are also making excellent level stakes profits in fact, on percentage profit on turnover they are out in front.

We have  been getting plenty of feedback from punters who have acted on our Top-Rated performance updates over the years (in newsletters and in the Master spreadsheet). As we keep saying, the Top-Rated performance at the base level is a very strong indicator of the worth of a ratings service.

This appraisal of Top-Rated betting is for members who like a bet (away from their main banks) in every rated race whilst waiting for their chosen main plan/s to come into play.
Members are having plenty of fun betting on our ratings at this most basic level and the extra profits they are making on this very high action “fun bank” are extraordinary.
This is not new by the way, since 1987 a good percentage of Elite members have bet on our top-raters with at least a secondary bank.

Once again, this report shows that each service’s top-raters are profitable but also clearly demonstrates the power of multiple memberships for much more total profit and a greatly increased percentage of winning days.

For example, March-April-May have just zoomed past. A $100 level bet on those top-raters from each service (190 bets in Mar-May) has made more than $6,300 net profit. $6,300 net profit on $19k invested is only 33% profit on turnover but that return on so many bets can really generate big profits in a short time.

Are you in it just for the fun?

Betting ALL Top-Raters is a pure, simplistic way of using the ratings and is perhaps the best option for members who consider themselves a “fun” or “recreational” punter and are not cut out or interested in the rigid grind of main-strategy professional betting – applying that bank and patiently waiting for the main plans’ bets.

Nothing wrong with betting for fun, but even if you choose to shun the main strategies you may as well utilise your valuable Elite membership to profit from your punting.

Even the most undisciplined Elite member can go home with a bulging wallet on a regular basis which is much preferable to being one of those ‘sorry dear” non-Elite punters.

Here is a day to day summary of all those top-rated bets from the three Elite services for 2018.
56% winning days and no losing months!

Top Rated Level 100 Mel Syd TF