Members Update: 5 WINNING meetings from 5 in 2021

Last week we reported the great start to 2021 with all three meetings over the New Year producing good profits.  We followed that up with two more winning meetings on Saturday (Mel-Syd) and a further $1200+ net profit.

This was the live score for the current algorithms as reported in the December 29th newsletter:  

74 Elite-Filter Bets

24 winners (32.4% winners)@ $3.69

Bet:       $10,442

Return: $11,958

Profit:   $1,516  (14.5%)


Now (Jan 10th)

85 Elite-Filter Bets

30 winners (35.3% winners)@ $3.67

Bet:      $12,364

Return: $15,983

Profit:   $3,619 (29.3%)


The feedback suggests nearly all members have taken our persistent advice and set up a dedicated Elite Filters bank. It is the main strategy and that is where your main bank should be focused.

Any other bets must be financed by a different bank. It is THE key to winning at this game.

You have seen the bank grow by more than 20% already THIS YEAR but anyone betting outside the Elite Filters strategy from this bank probably would not even realise that a $10,000 bank on December 31st is now $12,103.

A member joining at the end of 2020 has covered more than the cost of 12 months Mel-Syd membership in less two weeks!

, Members Update: 5 WINNING meetings from 5 in 2021

Elite Filter Bets 2021 Mel-Syd

, Members Update: 5 WINNING meetings from 5 in 2021


Money Trail Super-Bets

We follow the money from Wednesday through Saturday morning and have great success identifying what we call Money-Trail horses by identifying the right money. For many years we have provided these money-trail horses on our Facebook site Overall the results have been very profitable.

We developed a way to identify the Best of the Best Money-Trail horses and they are known as Money-Trail Super-Bets. These automatically get a gig as an Elite-Filters qualifier and have been marked with the odd amount of $191 for identification since May 2020.

I am not comfortable with some of them due to the short price. Riding the Wave was one at Flemington on Saturday. He was smashed and was an obvious Money-Trail Super-Bet but by the time he was listed as an Elite-Filter bet at $191, his price was already getting close to even money. He opened up at odds on and stayed there. Way under the odds for an average looking last start BM78 winner going into a listed handicap.

Tralee Rose was one last week. Again third rated but she was $3.00 not $2.25 in the AM odds column. She won for us at an acceptable $2.90.

Since May 2020 there have been 19 Money Trail Super-Bet $191 Elite-Filter bets.
8 winners from the 19 is 42% but the average best odds is just $2.31 which results in a slight loss of 2.6%.

  • The Less Than $2.50 (AM Odds) won just 4 from 11 and lost 29%.
  • The $2.50+ AM Odds qualifiers won 4 from 8 and made 34% net profit%.

I can’t see the point of listing the $191 MT Super-Bets unless we are looking at 6/4 ($2.50) or better in the AM odds. With the real short ones (< $2.50) we are throwing money at hot favourites after missing the better early odds by definition. From now to be listed as an Elite-Filter MT Super-Bet the AM odds must be $2.50 or better.


Perth InForm.

We are in the process of populating a spreadsheet by entering all the Perth InForm data since going live in August. Detailed results and analysis will then be provided.

We do know that the $200 specials stand at 11 from 12.

The $100 bets are 21 from 55. Just the one $100 special at Ascot on Saturday. It came second but that did follow three winners from three at the previous two meetings.

The Top-Raters are showing a profit (yes, backing the whole lot). Two from seven on Saturday including Excellent Dream at $6.80. The other five came second or third.

It will be great to be able to go to the data and look for strengths so as to improve on what has been a profitable start for this service. As we have previously reported, one member is making very good income from the top-raters that have a 30% or better winning strike rate.


Larry and Richard