Every Elite Top-Rated Tip Syd & Mel 2018

Every Elite Top-Rated Tip Syd & Mel 2018

Combine the Power of Sydney and Melbourne

We are receiving more and more requests for information regarding the top-rated tips for Sydney and Melbourne horse racing tips. We frequently refer to that secondary bank to bet on the top-raters, as we did on Saturday.
After Saturday’s minimal action day on the main plans, it is a good time to address this subject again.

A level $100 bet on all eight top-raters at Moonee Valley made $470 profit and at Rosehill, $1,320.

Elite Racing - Top-Rated-Tips-Mel-Syd-Sat-8th-Sept-2018

That’s a good result for sure and you can see why there are members taking the top-raters very seriously for guaranteed action and, as the results below will clearly demonstrate, extra income.

The following data is self-explanatory but I have included complete printouts of:

Note: Any extra data or clarification can be easily sourced from your members only Master Data spreadsheets which are updated every race-morning with results added after each meeting. The pre-race data is never altered so can be 100% relied on as what was presented to members before the event. Our transparency has been lauded independently in this industry where false claims from competitors run rampant.

Top-Rated Statistics: Melbourne and Sydney 2018


 Elite Racing - Top-Rated-MEL-2018-Stats Elite Racing - Top-Rated-SYD-2018-Stats
These stats show very strong performance and it is remarkable how similar Melbourne and Sydney are.

There are nearly 500 top-rated Horse Tips Australia there so, for the profit on turnover to be at 20%, we are doing something right – on a very consistent basis!

Top-Rated Day by Day: Melbourne and Sydney 2018

 Elite Racing - Top-Rated-MEL-2018-Daily Elite Racing - Top-Rated-SYD-2018-Daily
This day-by-day look at Sydney and Melbourne Top-Raters shows that whilst the bottom lines end up the same, the winning days do not necessarily line up.

Top-Rated Day by Day:

COMBINE Melbourne and Sydney 2018

This table is very important to see how the power of the two states combined smooths out the rough bits and takes full advantage of days like last Saturday.

I can’t believe that a simple bet on EVERY 2018 top-rated tip in Melbourne and Sydney has more than DOUBLED the bank with a simple 1.0% level bet on all. 

It is an example of why Elite Racing was independently assessed number one for performance from 50 other contenders.

Elite Racing - Top-Rated-MEL-and-SYD-2018-Daily

60% winning days is awesome when you consider that those 60% winning days are averaging 60% MORE profit than the 40% losing days lose.





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