Elite’s Top-Zone

Elite’s Top-Zone

With the power of the consistently profitable Elite Top-Rated selections, now fine-tuned with the amazing Top-Zone algorithm, Elite punters are zeroing on areas of great strike-rates and profitability.

In-Depth Stats to 31/7/2018: Elite Top-Zone-Stats 2015-2018  pdf

Top-Zone Example

This example shows the application of the latest Top-Zone algorithm on 28th July ratings at Caulfield.
Snitzepeg’s Top-Zone bet of $276 is just below the maximum bet of $300 (3% of bank).
This is hugely valuable information that only Elite punters have access to.

We make it so easy for Elite members to win.

Top-Zone-2015-2018-ALL  Pdf

Top-Zone-2015-2018-Specials  Pdf (Top-Zone Specials are the $200+ Top-Zone qualifiers.

We always provide the background research and development as well as the actual formulas so members can audit the concept against the past real-time race day data provided to members every race morning prior to the event. That data never changes. In this case we presented members Top-Rated data going back to 2004!