Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Members have been searching for a way to bet ALL the Top-Rated selections with a reliable bet-size scale that accurately reflects each horse’s real chance. They demanded a one-bank plan for Mel, Syd or Mel-Syd memberships.

The resultant concept – Elite Top-Rated Ratio Bets – is so powerful yet easy to use that the majority of members have switched to it as their main Elite Investment Strategy.

The concept’s development was explained in a series of newsletters to members. Members were given the actual formulas so that they could audit every one of the 1500 Top-Rated bets over 2017-2018 using the comprehensive Elite Ratings race-morning data that is uploaded in spreadsheet form before the races and is never changed.


Newsletter #1:  December 23 2018

2019 is nearly here and this newsletter will give clear direction to members for 2019 and beyond.

It is for members who are grappling with all the main betting strategies possibilities and trying to decide on which one/s to apply a bank to.

 For you, we have devised a ONE-BANK Top-Rated Bet Ratio where will list a bet size (calculated to a $10,000 bank) for EVERY Sydney and Melbourne Top-Rated selection.

 If you haven’t been successful in designing a way to consolidate the main plans into one bank or you simply want a very strong one-bank plan, this is it. More coming up.

Firstly let’s break an Elite Ratings membership down into its four components. The basic structure of Melbourne and Sydney is identical.

There are few moving parts to the Elite motor but the output is F1.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting



Melbourne and Sydney

The base Elite Ratings has been the same format for 30 years. The top-5 rated horses are listed in order with their ratings and other information. The rest of the field is listed in AM price order. This is what an Elite membership pays for but we do provide a lot more than the base ratings by way of winning strategies and comprehensive, auditable and analysable results. Members use this information in many ways including, multi bet construction, speed map using pace notations along with pace of the race, form rating, scenario rating, Elite’s rated odds for their overlay ideas, pro-strategy to gauge our confidence in the higher rated runners etc.


Top-Rated Betting:

A level bet on EVERY top-Rated tip from Melbourne and Sydney is making more than 10% net profit. That’s over 1500+ bets in 2017-2018. $100 on each one is more than $15,000 in profit.

The Elite-Top (Larry and Ric’s private filter) started live in November and has already contributed nice profits. However it is clear that we should be calculating bet sizes for ALL top-Rated tips for a truly genuine Top-Rated strategy.

The Elite Top private filter in its current form rejects two thirds of the top-raters. That’s about 1000 of the 1500 top-raters in 2017-2018 (Syd and Mel). Those 1000 rejects have various degrees of negatives that we have can, by astute utilisation of the Top-Zone and private filter (Elite-Top) algorithms, accurately quantify to the point where we can provide a reliable betting scale to ALL Elite Ratings Mel and Syd Top-Raters.

From Jan 1st 2019, ALL Melbourne and Sydney Top-Raters will come with a recommended bet size. More information follows.

Check It here, Learn How To Bet on Horse Racing.


Many members like to know what we consider the best plays of the day.

Richard will start providing his best of the day for Sydney from the first Sydney meeting of 2019. Melbourne has Larry’s Best and Sydney will have Ric’s Best.

Larry’s Best has produced 43% net profit on turnover over 183 bets for 2017 and 2018. Whilst they are our considered Best of the day we wouldn’t class them as a truly professional strategy.


Professional Betting Strategy



The Top-Zone continues to be the flagship professional strategy for Melbourne. Time will tell but I think this is going to be challenged as the preferred ‘main strategy’ by the new Elite Top-Rated ratio bets where members can bet on ALL top-raters – the Top-Zone rejects 75% of the Melbourne Top-Raters.

Despite the much better strike rate and profit percentage of Top-Zone, the new Elite Top-Rated ratio produces more dollar profit than Top-Zone due to volume. More action means more fun. Combine that with more actual dollar profit and it will appeal to a lot of members as the strategy of choice.



Sydney Gold.

Since Elite Sydney started in 2016, the Sydney Gold has been the recommended Professional Strategy. There are Sydney Gold bets and Sydney Gold PRO bets. The performance over the journey so far has been absolutely fantastic and way above expectations for a new service.


Elite is as simple as that. When you break down what Elite Racing offers into its simple components there can be no confusion.



The creation of the Top-Rated Syd-Mel Spreadsheet has provided the opportunity that we have been looking for to streamline everything in time for the start of 2019.


Ratings Sheets (Elite Ratings Pro Sheets)

The Elite Ratings Pro-Sheets stay the same.


Raceday Bet List

We are going to present ALL the raceday betting information in one list for Melbourne and one list for Sydney. There is no need for special notations and colour coding for ‘danger’ races or a separate elite-top email. We will provide raceday examples before the end of the year – before we get started.


Professional Strategies

Most members have already set banks aside for their chosen strategies (or variations thereof)  like Top-Zone, Sydney-Gold, Larry’s Best.

If you have set up a bank the recently-introduced Elite-Top (private filters for Syd-Mel Top-raters), direct that bank to the Top-Rated Ratio bets. READ the QA’s that follow.

If you have been struggling to land on a one-bank strategy, set up a bank for the Top-Rated Ratio bets as your one and only strategy.

Your Elite membership into 2019 and beyond raceday will be so much easier, more enjoyable and more importantly, even more profitable than ever.


Let me explain the expanded Top-Rated Bet Ratio concept…


TOP-Rated Bet Ratio

Here is the Top-Rated ready reckoner that the Top-Rated Mel-Syd Master Spreadsheet algorithm refers to when calculating the bet ratio for every top-rater.
The formula is designed to assess the Top-Raters of the main strategies using all the data as listed in the Top-Rated Mel-Syd Master Spreadsheet.

 Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting


Step one: If a ‘danger” (poor) race the top-rater is allocated a token 0.1% bet.


If not a danger race, it first scans for Top-Zone 300 (3.0%) bets. If there is one, it allocates a 3.0% bet-ratio and goes onto the next horse on the top-rated Horse Tips Australia.


If no Top-Zone $300 bet then it looks to see if it is an Elite-Top 300 bet and, if so, applies the bet ratio 3.0%.


If not Top-Zone 300 or Elite-Top 300 then it checks if it is a Top-Zone 200-299. If so then allocates 2.8% if not then goes to the next possibility on the list and so on.



For members who want to squeeze the absolute best from the Elite Melbourne and/or Elite Sydney top-rated selections in an easily-workable one-bank Elite strategy, this is it.

It is designed so that you will get to bet on every Elite top rater if you want to. When that $12 winner that the Top-Zone missed comes along you will be on it.

Some of the bets are very small and are designed for psychological reasons more than anything. They’ll keep your interest and enjoyment up in between the big money shots.



Results of Top-Rated Bet Ratio

The top-rated bet ratio concept will show its worth as we go along. Suffice to say that you can now bet on every top-rater knowing that your dollar profits will rival any of the individual main plans that it draws on. The profit percentage may be lower but the sheer volume cranks up the bottom line big time.

Spreadsheet users (Top-Rated Mel-Syd Master Spreadsheet) have access to all this data and the algorithms and can dive in and be amazed.

It can safely be used as a professional one-bank replacement if you do not want to bet the main strategies separately.

Two Graphs of the SAME 1,514 Top-Rated Tips

This two chart comparison of EVERY Top-Rater in Mel-Syd for 2017-2018 says it all.

The graph on the left shows $100 level bet on the 1,514 top-raters. Average bet $100.

The one on the right shows the same 1,514 bets but with the Bet-Ratio applied. Average bet $88

A $10,000 bank is assumed in both cases.

The one on the right is smoother with a heading much closer to due north. It shows more than four times the net profit from the same bank – and with smaller average bets.

It is truly a graphical demonstration of the positive effect of money management in professional betting on profitable base selections.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting


 Q & A

Q: I set a bank specifically for the Elite-Top (private filter) bets when they started live in November

 A: That bank would now operate on the Top-Rated bets as per the bet ratio listed. If you are comfortable with the number of bets and profits of the original Elite-Top simply discard the Ratio bets listed at less than 1.0% ($100 per $10k Bank). So by starting at the bets listed at $100 you will end up with marginally more bets than the Elite-Top private filter that went live in November but the profit is even greater in percentage terms and actual dollar terms.


Q: Why only top-raters?

A: Development of the Top-Rated betting ratio has been made possible by the creation of the Top-Rated Mel-Syd Master Spreadsheet. Syd Gold and Gold Pro can have second and third rated qualifiers so members who utilise this one-bank top-rated ratio plan will miss those occasional lower rated Sydney-Gold qualifiers unless they operate that plan separately with a Sydney Gold bank.


Q: I am only in the Melbourne Service

A: No problem, simply follow the list for your membership’s state. ALL the data you need for Melbourne betting can be found on the Melbourne Main Strategies raceday list and the same for Sydney.


Q: I already bet all top-raters with a level stake

A: Great, keep backing them all but use the bet ratio. In the long-term you will see improvement in performance of four times the net profit from two thirds of the outlay.


Q: When does the Top-Rated Bet Ratio start?

A: We will be all ready to go for the new year. Melbourne has a Jan 1st meeting and Sydney starts on Saturday Jan 5th.


Q: Have you got more detailed results and printouts?

A: Any late instruction and more detailed results will be emailed during the coming days. The latest version of the Top-Rated Mel-Syd Master Spreadsheet is attached along with the complete list of our 1514 Top-Rated selections over 2017-2018 with the Top-Rated Bet Ratio information.



Newsletter #2:  December 27 2018


I hope you all had a great Christmas.

It was great to add to the December profits at Caulfield with three more top-rated winners including the amazing win of Silentz at $7.00 in the last. That brought the December Top-Rated total to 10 from 32 @ $5.20 average winning odds. Net December profit $100 level bets = $1995.

The 2017-2018 $100 level bet profit on ALL Top-Rated tips is $16,675.
To average $160 net profit EVERY week for two years is phenomenal ($694 net profit each month)

But that’s not what the buzz is about. From your feedback the Top-Rated RATIO concept has really hit the spot.

You can bet on ALL Top-Raters and make nearly FIVE times the level stakes profit.



For the Caulfield meeting we provided a couple of proposed designs for the 2019+ raceday strategies listing. It listed the actual qualifiers from all main plans including the Top-Rated Bet Ratio.

This is the format you have overwhelmingly chosen:

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

All raceday strategies are on the one list. We will provide the list again on Saturday 29th December.



Please remember that the bets are listed to a $10,000 bank. Make sure you adjust to suit your bank.




The Sydney list will be set out the same as per this example  list below. The data is the actual qualifiers from a recent Sydney meeting except for the Ric’s Best where, as luck would have it, we randomly landed on a $4.70 winner for demonstration purposes.


The first Sydney meeting in 2019 is January 5th.


Sydney members will get a similar sneak preview this Saturday so you are familiar with Melbourne and Sydney in readiness for the new year.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting



As promised we have collated the results for members who are not into spreadsheets. Most members have already got all this info and much more with a couple of mouse clicks. As requested, we have broken the results down to month by month summaries for each bet size separately for Mel and Syd.

Elite-Ratings-Top-Rated-BET-RATIO-Mel-Syd-ALL  Pdf
Printout of EVERY top-Rated Melbourne and Sydney 2017-2018 with the Top-Rated Ratio Data.

Sydney Top-Rated Bet Ratio Results 2017-2018


We have started with the $10 bets (per $10k bank). The $10 bets are the DANGER races.
That is how you will be able to identify ‘danger’ races in 2019

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting


Melbourne Top-Rated Bet Ratio Results 2017-2018


Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

Here is a list of all 1534 Top-Rated selections for 2017-2018 and includes a level $100 analysis as well as the Top-Rated Bet Ratio performance.

Elite-Ratings-Top-Rated-BET-RATIO-Mel-Syd-ALL  Pdf



It is clear that the bigger the bets the better the strike rates and profits.

The danger races (ie: the $10 bets), are not producing profits but are not a great draw on funds. Don’t underestimate the value of the ‘interest’ bet. You get a thrill out of the Twitchy Franks and you are only paying point one of one percent for the ride.

The $50 bets are similar to the $10 bets however they have done a lot better in 2018 than 2017.

You could draw a line and discard the less than $100 qualifiers but you would be throwing out 900 of the 1500 top-raters and sort of missing the point of this strategy.

I wouldn’t normally be pushing to bet in such a low performing area but $10 or $50 out of a $10k bank is loose change.

That $50 on Silentz yesterday was only half a percent bet but the thrill was 100% when it got up off the canvas and snatched victory at $7.00.

In December, the bets on those $10 and $50 bets actually made more profit than the $100+ bets. The $50 bets contributed nearly all of that profit. You never know when they will chip and do their bit.

It’s your call but the way the scale is structured you can have an interest on ALL top-rated tips and know that the serious ones are getting the big money bets.

Enjoying raceday is a big part of the psychology of professional punting.


The more I study this strategy, the more I like it. I would definitely recommend the Top Rated Bet Ratio as the main plan for any member who hasn’t made their mind up yet.

Don’t miss out on this new phase of Elite Racing. If you haven’t yet, lock in a long-term Elite membership.

We are proud of our performance that was recently independently voted number one from 50 services. We could rest on our laurels but, no way…you ain’t seen nothing yet!



Larry and Ric


Newsletter #3:  December 28 2018

Just addressing a client’s query in regards to the raceday list of strategy bets. If you are confused by the multiple columns of bets then this should clear it up.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting



Hi Mick,

Thanks for the email, you have done the right thing in asking for help to sort out exactly how to bet on the Elite possibilities.

There are four completely different strategies listed on the raceday Professional Strategies list. If you were to bet on all of them as listed (as you have laid out in your email), you would need 4 x $10,000 banks. On top of that, you would need 4 x $10,000 banks to bet on all four the Sydney plans as listed. Then another $10,000 bank for the Ultimate Win bets (ie: Mel Top-Zone >=$150, Syd Gold Pro $200, True-Fav $200) and another bank for the Ultimate all-up place bets.

$780 in one bet from your $8,000 bank is nearly a 10% bet. That is simply not sustainable and you could wipe your bank out quickly in a bad run. We never suggest more the 3.0% of the bank on any bet.

The purpose of creating the Top-Rated Ratio Bets is to enable members to choose ONE Bank that will handle Mel and Syd.

The Top Rated Ratio Bets (first column) draw on the strengths of the other strategies and provide a bet on ALL Top-Rated Tips.

That is why a large number of members have chosen to simply apply one bank. That bank is applied to the Top-Rated Ratio Bets. If they are in Mel and Syd (like you) then that one bank handles both states…simple!

I recommend that you do that.

All you have to do is look at the far LEFT Column “Top Rated Ratio” and ignore the three columns to the right (“Top Zone, Larry’s Best” and “Elite-Top Private Filter”)

If you want to keep going with the Ultimate bets (ie: Mel Top-Zone >=$150, Syd Gold Pro $200, True-Fav $200) as well, simply apply a separate bank for those high-end specialist bets.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting



The amounts listed for Top-Zone, Larry’s Best and Elite-Top Private Filter (ie: #2 on the image to the left) are for members who are applying a specific bank to any of those strategies.


If you choose to bet column #1 (the Top-Rated Ratio) then IGNORE 2




Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting



The amounts listed for Syd Gold, Syd Gold Pro and Ric’s Best (ie: #2 on the image to the left) are for members who are applying a specific bank to any of those strategies.


If you choose to bet column #1 (the Top-Rated Ratio) then IGNORE 2





I hope that clarifies your betting going into 2019. It really has been made super-simple with one bank that can handle Mel and Syd.

Other Notes:

 Race Times

We have been asked to add the race times to the raceday lists. Future raceday lists will include race times.

Danger Races

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the ‘danger’ races are the ones that attract a $10 Top-Rated Ratio bet.




Newsletter #4:  December 28 2018

This email from a new member was received this morning.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting


“… Hi Sonja,

The strategy is designed to use one bank (joint bank). To bet the amounts as-listed for Mel and Syd, you require one $10k bank.

Yes, it was a rough day. Sydney had seven bets for two winners and made a loss of $625

Melbourne had five bets for one winner for a net profit of $355. (Recorded at Top-Flucts which is provided by all bookies)

The total loss for the day was $270 (2.7% of the bank). To do so little damage on such an awful day shows the power of the plan.

That followed on from the first live day (Dec 26th) where the profit was + $388.

Here’s the wash-up of the two day ‘live’ listing of the Top-Ratio.

Elite Racing Betting, Elite Top-Rated Ratio Betting

It is strongly recommended that you go through the past results provided slowly and thoroughly and pay particular attention to the losing days. There’s plenty of them over the two years and many days were much worse than yesterday.

You are committed to the long term so have a great advantage over some members (fortunately just a few) who run out of courage mid-meeting and miss the Ashlors.

Treat it like the stock market and just wait and see what your $10k investment will be this time next year.


Thanks for the email. I realise you are a very new member and may have had bad experiences with some of the big name big losing services.  If you can hold it together during the bad runs then you will be massively rewarded for your faith in Elite. A lot of clients say “I wish I found Elite first”.




New Year

OK, 2019 is just about here. Richard and I are so revved up you wouldn’t believe!

I hope you are all set to go with that bank in place and you have resolved to soldier on through thick and thin.

Yesterday we provided a good test of that resolve without doing much damage. Some days will be much worse but fortunately the great majority are winning days and the winning days average much more profit than the losing days lose.

Happy new year from Elite Racing

Larry, Ric and the team