Elite Sydney: True Gold

Last week we reported $1,995 net profit for Mel-Syd betting on Saturday 27th Jan:

Elite True Gold, Elite Sydney: True Gold

The value of spreading your betting risk between the two states was illustrated perfectly on Saturday 3rd Feb.

The E2-Combo in Melbourne had a losing day (-$497) but there were four Sydney Gold bets for three winners:

$200 Cellerman @ $7.00 WON Returned $1400

$150 Samadoubt @ $4.40 Unpl

$75 Bye See @ 3.50 WON Returned $262

$50 Don’t Give A Damn @ $3.00 WON Returned $150

Saturday’s Sydney PROFIT for $10k bank = $1,337

Despite the disappointment of the last race in Melbourne, overall it was fantastic day again for great majority of clients who are in both services.

If you aren’t in both yet, then I would recommend that you take the opportunity without delay. The extra profits are there for the taking but the team-work between the two states is a huge positive as well.

$4,000 Net Profit already in 2018

The combined profit from these two strategies (E2-Combo Melbourne, Sydney Gold Sydney) so far in 2018 is $4,014.
Not bad for five weeks!

At this stage, the bulk of that profit has come from the Sydney bets, but rest assured, Melbourne Racing Tips will have a similar profit spurt and that can happen at any time.