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Money Trail: Tested Publicly on Facebook for Three Years!

We have been posting Melbourne “Best-Backed” runners on Facebook each race-morning since 2016. The selections have continuously made good profits but in 2019 the performance has skyrocketed.
You can easily go to the eliteracing facebook site, like Elite and check the past race-morning postings if you want to.

We weed out the Hope Shots

Following the smart money for profit is a skill that requires the correct evaluation of stables’ intentions and accurately assessing the horse’s actual winning chance.
We monitor the markets from Wednesday through to Saturday for the best-backed horses – looking much deeper than simple market-movers. We evaluate the winning chance and send the real plunge horses to you.

There are a lot of those “Best-Backed” horses that are in reality simply stable hope shots. They are easily weeded out by Elite Ratings. This is not your run of the mill  “market movers” service, it goes way beyond that simplistic model.

When we uncover a Best-Backed that has a winning rating from Elite’s legendary Elite-Ratings, the strike-rates and profits are sensational.

The RIGHT MONEY TALKS and the best-backed concept is one of Elite’s most consistent sources of profits.


MT Super-Bets

60% Winners and 60% net Profit

A lot of members are always looking for very high strike-rate selections so they can confidently apply parlay or all-up bets without many runs of outs.

Within the Money Trail, there is pure gold where each bet has a 2/1 ON chance of winning yet averages 6/4?

Yes, there are easily-definable qualifiers that are winning nearly 66% of the time yet are averaging $2.50.

They are PLACING at better-than 80% @ $1.43 average place div.

We calculate them for you and list on the raceday message!

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Money Trail FREE!

We have been providing the amazing Money-Trail bets and also calculating the MT SUPER-BETS for members free of charge.
This will continue for a period and then the Money Trail will be offered as a stand alone subscription service.

Take advantage of this FREE period, it’s included with each Elite membership. Join Now

Check out the historical results.

No service can come close to Elite’s real-time performance.
Remember: Elite was independently voted number ONE for performance from 50 other services.

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Here’s the blog explaining the amazing Money Trail Super-Bets


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