Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues

At Rosehill, Richard smashed them again with FOUR winners from the seven Sydney-Gold qualifiers. Another $900 jumped in. The Pro bets both won ($2.30 and $5.70)

A big percentage of Elite Melbourne members have a Sydney membership. If you haven’t made the decision to add Sydney to your Elite portfolio, I really, really recommended it.

 Yet another Elite-Transformed Punter

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues


Elite Melbourne

Just the four Top-Zone ver2 bets at this stage for the one winner (Snitzepeg) and a profit of $568 from the $840 invested.

There were no qualifiers at Moonee Valley last week and just the one small bet at Flemington yesterday. It is always hard to get through all the hoops at the Valley and a track grading of 5 (Flemington’s grade) is the most problematic so adds extra qualifying restrictions.

The Top-Zone is a high strike rate high profit rate plan and there is no drama with letting possible qualifiers go when the stats are against them. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of action coming up.

Elite Top-Rated Melbourne Racing tips

Despite that, the Raters continue to win at an exceptional rate, and more and more members are asking for extra Moonee Valley Tips and top-rated data and guidance. They are looking at possibly getting a little more aggressive with their secondary or fun bank that they apply to all Top-Raters as discussed many times in recent months.

Look at these Top Picks:

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues


Probably the simplest way to present the Elite Top-Rated performance is with these 2017 and 2018 graphs. They show the extraordinary industry-leading performance of Elite Ratings Top Picks but they clearly highlight the roller-coaster ride along the way.


Elite Top-Rated Tips 2017

In 2017, a $100 bet on EVERY Top-Rated tip made $7,293 net profit. That is more than $600 clear net profit per month.

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues

The red $17,510 figure shows where the original $10,000 bank stood at this time last year. As you can see, the bank jumped another 3.5k after Aug-12 2017 but then hit a wall during the spring, recovered in early November only to take a dive in December.

To start with $10,000 in January and end up with $17,293 at the end of the year is sensational for this high action, high-risk fun style of betting but how many punters would have called it quits by the 2018 new year?


Elite Top-Rated Tips 2018

Compare that 2017 graph to this year and you can immediately see that the net profit of $5,755 at this stage of 2018 is close to the 2017 result after the same meeting. But have a look at the different route we took to get there!

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues


Elite Top-Rated Tips 2017-2018

Maybe a look at the whole 2017-2018 period will give perspective to the 17.5 month journey for top-rated Horse Punting.

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues

The bottom line is that, after dipping to $15k in March 2018, a new 2017-2018 record high profit figure was reached on Saturday. That is an enormous effort considering the >$5k fall from September 2017 to March 2018.

230% net capital gain in 17.5 months is up there with Sydney property. Although your $2.1043 mil home will probably never drop to $1.5823 mil in six months, it is just as unlikely to get back up to $2.3048 mil in the next four months!

 This volatility in the Elite Ratings top-rated market is one of the main reasons that we refrain from promoting betting on every Top-Rated tip as our best strategy but I do hope these stats will help those who are applying a bank to them.


Top-Zone 2017-2018

For comparison I have included a similar chart which shows our current Top-Zone strategy’s performance during the exact same period.

Top Rated Excellence, Elite Ratings Top-Rated Excellence Continues

The Top-Zone climb from $10k to $48k is not a straight line but it is certainly a much more comfortable ride.

It could be argued that increasing the average bet on ALL of the Top-Rated to $184, which is the Top-Zone average, the end result is pretty much the same.

Increasing the level $100 to $184 level stakes to match the average Top-Zone bet on ALL 2017-2018 Top-Raters would have ended up with a $42,408 balance but if you increase the drawdowns by that 84%, there is a period of -$9,600.

You would need a $20,000 Top-Rated-ALL bank to compete safely with the Top-Zone $10k bank but you would enjoy 75% more action. 7.5 Top-Rated bets per meeting rather than 2 Top-Zone would suit many members but they still have to absorb the volatility.


Larry and Richard