Elite Racing Saturday Washup.

It was great to come out of Saturday with good profits in both states.
It was a near impossible day for most punters at Caulfield with the track going from G4 to H8 during the day.
Sydney racing was on the dreaded 5 going.

Elite Filters

Bet $406

Return $762

Profit $356 = + 88%



We recognised the urgency in adding yesterday’s memo to the raceday messages.I presume everyone read it and applied the much reduced scale if betting those yellow highlighted overlay qualifiers. The stats provided, especially in regards to strike rates, were compelling.
We ended up with two x $5 bets, four $10 bets and a $20 bet. No winners so $70 loss per $10,000 bank which is less than 1.0%.

Best Bets

Nothing in Melbourne but Ric’s sole bet in Sydney trotted in at $1.95

Multi Bets

Our suggested Multi settings (3x9x9x12, 9 or more starters, no bush) produced very good profits again.
The net profit at Caulfield was + $4,362 for a full unit.

That brings the May Full-Unit Multi profit to more than $29,000

We haven’t collated Sydney’s Multi profit yet but I do see Richard easily got the $17,000 whopper in R7 when second rated Another Dollar won at $15. The tri paid $1786!.
I have updated the 2020 results pdf that shows the results of a full unit on each Exacta, Tri and F4.

Multi-Tips-2020-FULL-Unit-On-ALL  pdf

Here’s a sneak peek of the pdf list:
, Elite Racing Saturday Washup.

Flexi $100

If you flexi’d each Tri and F4 down to $100 as suggested last week, the net profit at Caulfield was + $1,173 on the six races.
That makes more than $5.000 net for May now for a $100 Flexi bet on the Trifectas and First Fours.

I have included a complete list of the Elite Multis for 2020 showing a $100 flexi bet on each.

Multi-Betting-MEL-2020 $100 Flexi Tri and F4 Results pdf

Here is a snapshot from that pdf.
, Elite Racing Saturday Washup.

Get Extra Multi Leverage

We always list the Vic TAB dividends but most bookies offer the best of the best Multi div where they pay the biggest div of the three totes. Sometimes this can make a massive difference.

This feedback from Alan M demonstrates how dramatically the BOB on multis can boost your payout.
We listed a successful F4 on Saturday as $3,574 – Alan got paid $9,156!
(You will have to consult with your bookie/s to find out their offerings on the multis)
, Elite Racing Saturday Washup.
 Regards Larry and Richard