Elite Racing Members Expect to WIN

Elite Racing Members Expect to WIN

April Results, Highlights, Combo Ideas, Members EXPECT to win.

Another month has whizzed by so let’s look at the completed April results and the year so far.

I have updated the results as they stand at the end of April. They reflect the bets as listed to $10k banks.

A member has requested more detail than provided in previous newsletters as to number of bets and profit on turnover etc.

Each plan’s April performance and 2017 performance is summarised.

Information on each plan

If you need instruction on any of these plans, there is a dedicated ‘How-To” page.



Plan ID # 1: Ratings Gold

Here are the Ratings Gold Stats: for April and for all of 2017.

Plan ID # 2: Larry’s Best


Here are the Larry’s Best bets for April. Another good month.

Larry’s Best Stats


67% Winning Days and $3,500 average net profit per month.

Here is the 2017 Larry’s Best daily performance:


Plan ID # 3: Best Value

April was a winning month thanks to Give Us A go.

Appalling strike rate yet still in profit.

I saw a similar strike rate on an opposition site, it was their best bets but there was no happy ending (profit) there.


Plan ID # 4: Elite Ratings Top-Rated Selections.

32% winners @ $4.44 set up another big month for the Top-Rated horses.


Plan ID # 5: Elite Pace Top-Rated >$20.

Two April winners from eight Pace Top-Rated (greater than $20)


Plan ID # 6: Ratings System Basic.


Plan ID # 7: Ratings System Enhanced.

The Main plan,Ratings Gold, which is derived from the Ratings System filters, out-performed the Enhanced Ratings System and the Basic Ratings System in April. That is what is supposed to happen.

Information on each plan

If you need instruction on any of these plans, there is a dedicated ‘How-To” page online.




April was yet another highly profitable month for Elite punters.

Highlights included:


  • The 32% winning Elite Ratings Top Rated Selections @ $4.44. To be $7,000 in front this year just by backing EVERY Elite Top-Rated tip is sensational. It is such a strong base for the other strategies.
  • The continuation of the Larry’s Best bookie demolition. Thanks for the feedback. $14k net profit this year from a $10k bank is great but it is the consistency of good priced winners (43% strike rate @ 5.84) that makes it so special.
  • The bounce back of the $200 Ratings Gold Bets.

I hope everyone is capitalising on this industry-leading information. A lot of members are reporting that they go into race meetings expecting to win for the first time in their punting career.



 Many members are figuring out ways to combine some of the main plans.

  • Most are deleting the Basic Ratings System because the Enhanced version is the stronger of those two Ratings System strategies and you don’t need the two.
  • Most have sacked the Value bets due to the poor strike rate.
  • So, the majority are working around a combination of the Ratings Gold, Larry’s Best, Elite Top-Rated and Ratings System enhanced. The bets are all there on the raceday message ready to go.

Spreadsheet users have a distinct advantage with the data in the free members spreadsheet making testing such combination theories so easy.

I have been asked repeatedly for my take on such a combination.

I am considering revealing more about my private version in the coming weeks when we get the Sydney Ratings service ready. The building of extra web pages and getting everything in place to accommodate a stand-alone Elite-Sydney service is holding us up a bit.

Meanwhile, the Sydney ratings are provide free to Elite members.


Raceday Communications

We recently had the raceday situation where a member could not get into the website and had not been able to access his email. He contacted us at 12.13pm but unfortunately the office was unmanned by then.

We do hang around for about an hour and a half after the 10.30am deadline in case a member has issues. (Email is always best).

But we do have a life and because we derive most of our income from betting on the information provided, the race meeting has our full attention after midday.