Elite Raceday Message Explained

We get the occasional request to re-explain step-by-step the Raceday Message which is emailed to members and also uploaded to the online members area.
Let’s break down a typical Elite Raceday Message into its sections.
(There is a Raceday message for Mel and one for Syd).


1) The message starts with a short comment on the meeting.
, Elite Raceday Message Explained
2: Then you will see a pair of buttons that link to the Raceday Pro-Sheets
, Elite Raceday Message Explained

Pdf:         Elite-Raceday-ProSheet-July-18th-Flem
Excel:     Elite-Raceday-ProSheet-July-18th-Flem

Elite Raceday Message: Abbreviations  pdf


3: The Elite Filter bets are the main betting strategy and are listed Ready-To-Bet with the recommended bet size.
, Elite Raceday Message Explained
Wilmott Pass $4.50, El Questro $5.90 and Creedence $4.40 won so the day’s net profit was $665


4: A lot of members like to apply a separate bank to back the Top-Rated Tips that pass the six filters, see blog:
Top-Rated 6-Filters Concept
, Elite Raceday Message Explained
Race 4-1 was scratched at the barrier. R2-6 Won $4.50, and R8-10 won $4.40 so the net profit on the five bets was $390 ($100 Level bets))


5: We have listed Larry’s Best since Jan 2017 
, Elite Raceday Message Explained
One out of two, Wilmott Pass $4.50 = 125% net profit. Net profit since 2017 is more than $12,000.


6: For the Multi bettors, we list every horse in every rated race in order.
Top-5 in rated order the rest in pre-post price order.
Recommended Multi instructions included.
, Elite Raceday Message Explained
$1,685 F4 in Race 1 (but we don’t recommend multi bets in races of less than 9 runners)
$7,789 F4 Race 2,
$448 F4 Race 4,
$1,908 F4 Race 6


7: There is always a list of the meetings coming up.
, Elite Raceday Message Explained


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