Elite Raceday Excellence

Elite Raceday Excellence

There were plenty more Elite Top-Rated winners at Caulfield (Sat 19th August), five from eight in fact.

Hell or Highwater $7.00,

Quilista $5.50,

Rhythm to Spare $4.80,

Jukebox $3.60 and

Hartnell $2.80.

Yes, Top Rated Selections.

Everyone went home a winner, the Elite Gold bets made more than $1,000 net profit. The single Larry’s Best Bet won, the Top-Raters made +200% profit and the Elite Pace Strategy made more than 100%. Check out the actual raceday pro-sheet that members get on race morning:

Actual Ratings Sheet for Saturday 19 August


Recent Top Rated Performance

How has your service been going lately when it comes to their top-rated tips? If they are getting 37% winners @ $5.37 average winning odds with their first pick, stick with them.


Elite Pace

Many members have still not taken their free seat on the Elite Pace Train even after continuous mentions over the years.

This plan is the real deal. It has not had a losing month this year and has made significant profits every year going back to its 2013 start date.

It snared another two winners from four bets at Caulfield making more than 100% yet again.

After a few races on Saturday, the geniuses’ light bulb went off and they were crying “leader-bias”. Our Race-Pace Dynamics algorithm predicted that before the meeting!

The bets are listed assuming a $2k bank.

This plan is making 60% profit on turnover long-term (2013-2017) and is right on 60% this year, it is just so consistent and would smash the best of any opposition offering.

It is a free component of every Elite Melbourne membership yet a significant number of members simply bypass the opportunity of these amazingly consistent profits. If this plan is not worth the Elite membership cost on its own then Winx is not a Champion.

Just look at the Elite Pace Strategy monthly performance.

To the left, the qualifiers are analysed as per the raceday-listed bet size x 5 to reflect 10k bank. (No increase in bets size)

To the right I have included a level $100 analysis.

This plan quite often saves the day if things go pear-shaped with the other plans.

On big winning days like Saturday, it provides the cream on the cake.

Elite Top-Rated Strategy Results 2013-2017

Here is the complete list of bets: Elite-Pace-TOP-Strategy

Regards, Larry