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Elite Newsletter June 7th 2022 Pdf

Results update and Getting The Best Odds


Elite Newsletter May 30th 2022 Pdf
Results, Sydney Combo Analysed by track condition


Elite Newsletter May 22nd 2022 Pdf
Welsh Legend Odds Explained (Getting Best Odds), Platinum v E-Suite, Lombardo 20/1 top-rater!


Elite Newsletter May 15th 2022 PDF
Strategies’ updates and analysis


Elite Newsletter May 9th 2022 Pdf
Results, Short Odds, May thru July Last Year


Elite Memo May 2nd 2022 Pdf
Strategies new algo results update


Elite Newsletter April 27th 2022 Pdf
Algorithm upgrade explained for each plan, WHICH PLAN?
19 separate results printouts!


Platinum 2021-2022 Master Online Excel to June 30th 2022

Elite Suite 2021-2022 Master Online Current Algorithm Excel to June 25th 2022

Metro-Express 2021-2022 Master Online Excel to June 25th 2022