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Elite Suite

Not all contributing plans’ qualifiers necessarily get through to be Elite-Suite bets.
Metro-X $6 winner Open Minded missed the cut on Jan 8th with a couple of others.

Here is a list of all potential qualifiers like Open Minded that were rejected by the Elite Suite algorithm.

Elite Suite Rejects: Elite Suite REJECTS Pdf

Elite Suite 2022 Pdf Current Algorithm results for 2021-2022

Elite Suite Live As Listed and Current Algorithm Pdf


 The algorithm that is supposed to reject Metro-X Qualifiers Clemenceau and Bermudez was found to be not functioning on Jan 1st. It has been fixed. The result of those two supposed-to-be rejects was $60 profit in error.

The Jan 1st Murray Bridge qualifiers have been deleted from the Strategy in accordance with previous newsletter but are included in the as-listed printout.

Elite Newsletter December 28th 2021 Elite-Suite Starts Jan 1st Pdf

Elite Suite Newsletter Pdf

Platinum Review and Upgrade October – November  2021

Platinum ORIG 2021  Pdf

Platinum Ver 2 2021 Pdf

Elite Newsletter November 24th 2021 Platinum Ver 3  Pdf

Platinum Ver 3 Current Algorithm Pdf (Nov 24th Upgrade)


Platinum Master Online Excel to Dec 31st 2021