Elite Overlay Betting – Results Update

Just a quick update on the Overalays Results since the Red Hot Value blog a few weeks ago.

Sandown Saturday

The situation on Saturday at Sandown was perfect for having a go at the longer-priced highly-rated selections. A good day to rely on the overlay method that we described in the most recent blog: Red Hot Value .

We are calculating them for members and have been providing yellow shading of the qualifying overlays. On Saturday, the qualifying overlays (rated 2nd or 3rd, AM Odds $5.00 to $19.99) were, like last week, marked in yellow on the All-Rated list, the Elite Ratings Pro-Sheet pdf and the Elite Ratings Pro-Sheet Spreadsheet.

All-Rated Raceday Sheet with Overlay Bets marked in yellow.
, Elite Overlay Betting – Results Update

Raceday Pro-Sheet pdf highlighted-Overlays example.
, Elite Overlay Betting – Results Update

There were six overlay bets in four races.

Atlantica won at $8.70

Rising Red won at $11.00

More Than Exceed won at $18.00

Vassilator in the last pulled up lame.

The feedback is great. More and more members are very interested in this value approach.

Betting value in Melbourne has turned a full circle.
The value cake turned to crumbs a couple of years ago with the corporates and governments going overboard in grabbing an unreasonable share from punters.
All the mug-punter and bookie focus is now on one or two hot-pots up the top of the market. The good chances outside the favourites are now much better odds than they should be.
And we are finding them!  The cake’s back with cream on top!


Overlay Results

Here’s a pdf printout of all overlay qualifiers so far in 2020: Elite Overlays 2020  Pdf

You can easily analyse the overlays using your Master Spreadsheet (online). We added an ‘overlay’ column months ago and it is simple to apply the AM odds filter of $5.00 – $19.99 and set the Rated Order to 2nd and 3rd.

We have sussed out racing in the 2020’s and have left the others even further behind. The other services still have their head in the sand.
Don’t feel sorry for them, if they have bookie ads, they are getting big affiliates money from the bookies. The more their subscribers lose the more they win.

This is the Elite Overlay list for April-May.
, Elite Overlay Betting – Results Update

Yes, 30% winners @ $9.71, that’s value!