Elite Newsletter Larry’s Best, Huge Multis, $8k Overlay profit in January


 Elite Filters

The Elite Filters bottom line for the season stood at $800 net profit as at the end of January. That has been increased to + $1,267 after the two winning weekends so far in February.

Our goal is to at least double your bank by the end of September. January slowed us down after four consecutive winning months but we absorbed that and have started that climb to the next record high bank.

Larry’s Best

We have put out two Each Way Larry’s Best in February. The $100 EW instead of $200 straight out is unusual but the whole idea of Larry’s Best is to alert you to my assessment as the best chance of profit for the day.

Causeway Girl ran third at $20 and paid $5.20 for the place.
Kings Will Dream ($19) also came third and paid $4.50.
Microphone was the other Larry’s Best and he won at $2.70.

The net results for Larry’s Best so far in Feb is three bets totalling $600 for three returns totalling $1,510 resulting in $910 net profit so far.

I am not going out of my way to find 20/1 winners but those two top-raters were massive overs and were certainly worth the risk.

Multi Bets using Elite Ratings

I get the occasional query as to the profitability of our Exacta/Trifecta/F4 bets at the recommended 3x9x9x12 base Elite Multi recommendation.

On each raceday message we include a list of all the rated races which includes every horse in rated order down to fifth then the others in price order.
The recommended bet strategy is included.

We used to keep detailed results of our multis (Trifectas, First Fours and Exactas) but a few years ago, with the advent of the flexi bet, the divs took a dive, profits were much harder to maintain and we discontinued the results.

However in the past six months or so we have seen a strong resurgence in big collects (with the 3-9-9-12) and we think that is due to the changes in bookies’ pricing structure.
The first four or five in the market are shorter than ever but the ones outside the top four or five in the betting are bigger overs than they should be.
We are getting a lot of those big over-the-odds winners in our top-3 setting up some surprisingly big Tri and F4 payouts.

Here are ALL the successful multi collects since the spring carnival.
107 races produced 57 successful multi bets.

I haven’t calculated the bets required so no profit or loss figures available. I just wanted to show the regularity of multis produced by our ratings getting the winner in the top-3 rated, 52% of the time in fact.

The average F4 div was $1664.
Elite News Letter, Elite Newsletter Larry’s Best, Huge Multis, $8k Overlay profit in January

If you wait for races with 10 or more runners, the average winning F4 is close to $3,000.

We are not planning further analytical or advisory input on the multis from this end but I hope this data is of some help to those members who want to put their own time into studying the viability of Multi betting with Elite Ratings.

It is just a matter of going through the archived ratings and Vic TAB results one by one like I just did.

Elite News Letter, Elite Newsletter Larry’s Best, Huge Multis, $8k Overlay profit in January

Overlay Value $8k profit in January!

An Example of the value now being found in our ratings (Top-5) is this list of January overlays where the AM odds are equal to or greater than the Elite Rated Odds.
An hypothetical $100 lev on each one that was $7 or better AM odds made more than $8,000 net profit.

January was a strange month but these longshot winners were no surprise to Elite members. We are monitoring this trend ready to take advantage of these regular long-priced rated winners.

January 2020: Overlays that were $7.00 or better AM Odds.

Elite News Letter, Elite Newsletter Larry’s Best, Huge Multis, $8k Overlay profit in January