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Enables small punters to participate in big winning plunges

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Elite Money Trail

Following the smart money for profit is a skill that requires the correct evaluation of stables’ intentions and accurately assessing the horse’s actual winning chance.
We monitor the markets from Wednesday through to Saturday for the best-backed horses – looking much deeper than simple market-movers. We evaluate the winning chance and send the real plunge horses to you.

All for just $29 per month!

Tested publicly on Facebook for Three Years!

We have been posting Melbourne “Best-Backed” runners on Facebook each race-morning since 2016. The selections have continuously made good profits but in 2019 the performance has skyrocketed.
You can easily go to the eliteracing facebook site, LIKE Elite and check the past race-morning postings if you want to.


We weed out the Hope Shots

There are a lot of those “Best-Backed” horses that are in reality simply stable hope shots. They are easily weeded out by Elite Ratings. This is not your run of the mill  “market movers” service, it goes way beyond that simplistic model.

When we uncover a Best-Backed that has a winning rating from Elite’s legendary Elite-Ratings, the strike-rates and profits are sensational.

The RIGHT MONEY TALKS and the best-backed concept is one of Elite’s most consistent sources of profits.


The Elite Money Trail APP

Yes, we have developed an app so punters all over can have this hugely valuable information at their fingertips on raceday.



Here is the opportunity

  1.  Download the APP at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx You can join up from the APP.
  2. Join first then download the appxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  https://www.eliteracing.com.au/elite-money-trail-membership

 This is a must have for any punter who wants to be part of the best ‘goes’ of the day.

If ever there was a time to say  Don’t Think…DO! this is it.


Elite Money Trail: Q & A’s

Q: What do I get for my $29?

A:  Each Saturday The Elite Money Trail qualifiers are sent straight to your Elite’s Money Trail APP. Backed by proven profits over three years public listing on Facebook.
The service also includes Sydney. Our methods of uncovering the real money horses are unique, proven publicly in real time and are expected to produce similar results for Sydney racing.


Q:   Do you provide explicit instructions before we start?

A:   Sure do. There is nothing more simple than our Money-Trail Bets listed in ready-to-bet format into the palm of your hand. However, we provide full instructions and a recommended betting strategy.


Q:   Do you provide Results?

A:   You bet! The APP has a link to detailed results and analysis.  link to APP





Winning Strategies & Punting Advice, Elite Money Trail  Secure, simple and quick and as little as $4.60 per week.

Thank you for your time,

Larry and Richard Taylor

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