Elite January

$2,004 net profit for Mel-Syd January 2021 Main Plan


  • The Elite-Filters Strategy is the MAIN PLAN.
  • The bets are listed ready to bet.
  • It is simplicity personified.
  • If you are confused with betting possibilities or information overload then disregard everything else. The Elite-Filters must be your go-to plan.


Elite-Filters Sydney Jan 2021

Three winning meetings from four in Sydney for a net profit of $499.

, Elite January

Elite-Filters Melbourne Jan 2021

Six winning days from seven in Mel for a net profit of $1,505.

, Elite January

All up, $2,004 net profit in a month!

Best Bets

In yesterday’s race-day email we mentioned a few examples of how accurate Elite has been in a very tough month of mostly low class Benchmark racing.

We listed the top-raters and the Top-Rated strategy results/stats but we didn’t really make mention of the Larry’s Best and Ric’s Best.

The best-bets are not a main strategy but members do like to know our gut-feel best of the day. Richard and I made a commitment to see where we could go with these bets in 2021 by being more discerning before listing them on race morning.

So far so good. 57% strike-rate and 120% net profit in January.

, Elite January

There is some great racing coming up with horses that we can rely on. Can’t wait!


In regards to the top-raters that we mentioned yesterday, we are all aware that betting on all of them is not recommended. We even included the warning yesterday:

I am sure you all would be aware that this is the worst case scenario for Caulfield today – Rail >8m and going 5.

If you do choose to bet on Top-Raters then at least give the “danger” races a big miss. Danger races have been explained, discussed and analysed in many previous newsletters.

There is a column in the Master Spreadsheet that is uploaded each raceday morning called “Danger”.

Here are the Top-Raters for January 2021 that were in ‘Danger’ races:

, Elite January

Of course the ‘danger’ stats are terrible, they always are in danger races.

Here are the Top-Raters that were NOT in Danger races.

24.5% strike-rate and 47% net profit is sensational.

, Elite January

I will cover this subject again in an upcoming newsletter for newer members who may not have read previous newsletters or for members who possibly do not refer to the Master Spreadsheet.


Another great month for Elite members and it only gets better now that the higher-class horses are coming back.

Bring it on!