Elite Best of the Best Punting 2018

Elite Best of the Best Punting 2018

Q:        Hi Larry, I am a member of Elite Melbourne, Elite Sydney and True Favourites. I am loving the memberships, they are exceptional value for money. I am doing really well but I am wondering what you consider to be the absolute optimum way to use the information and betting strategies from all services with one bank.

A:         Thanks for the email Brian. You have at your fingertips a very powerful set of information and betting strategies. There are many mixes that are making excellent profits.

From members’ feedback, our never-ending research and the obvious popularity of the Elite Top-Rated Top-Zone concept, here is an unbeatable Best of the Best mix providing plenty of action, extraordinary winning strike rates and more than $1,000 net profit per month on $100 level bets.


  • Top-Rated selections with a Top-Zone ratings of $150 or higher.


  • Sydney Gold Pro $200 qualifiers

True Favourites

  • True Favourite $200 bets.


These are the top of the range bets from our best strategies, each with very high strike rates and terrific profits in their own right.

The bets can be sourced at a glance (ready to bet) from the raceday emails (and online) each applicable raceday.

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Elite members win.

That is why, (even if we were to discard our moral and ethical objections), we can refuse all affiliate propositions from Bookies to display bookie ads and accept big commissions from client losses.


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