Elite $52,000 first 4

Multi Betting with Elite

Elite members have made a lot of money betting on the Exactas, Trifectas and First Fours over the years.

Our ratings ensure the basis of high strike rate and huge value with the Multi bets.

In recent years, the advent of the Flexi-Bet has allowed small punters to participate in multi-betting with much wider multis. Previously, their little bets of small combinations (like a box-4) was simply their money added to our pool. Now that they can go wider, there are many more winning tickets in each race now and the dividends are definitely a lot lower than in the good old days.

Our Multi strike-rates are better than ever but these days, the profit over a year comes down to a few really big results like the $3,247 tri and $52,000 First Four in Race 2 on Saturday.

We always provide the complete set of numbers on every Melbourne raceday message along with this recommended strategy:

Multi Betting, Elite $52,000 first 4

Here is Saturday’s list with the results added. We are using the full $1.00 unit for this demonstration.

Multi Betting, Elite $52,000 first 4

The net profit for the day for those betting a full unit on each possible multi (Exacta/Tri-4) was $53,384.

$53,000 net profit sounds great and is great but take out race 2 and, despite three more successful combinations from the other six races, there was little or no profit. (The exacta in R9 was successful but the tri and F4 missed).

I think the only way around the lower dividends problem is to not go so wide. Take less numbers for 1st (maybe), second, third and 4th than we are suggesting. This wide setting worked so well for many years because of the fantastic dividends pre Flexi.

I have gone cold on the multis but we still provide you the best available base for setting up successful multis.

Those who have patiently followed the multis had a terrific windfall on Saturday that has probably ensured yet another profitable year overall. We stopped recording the results last year so cannot verify that.