Weekend Combo Profit $2,200

Firstly, thank you for all the amazing feedback.
Increasing the Combo Mel bank by 21.8% over the weekend was fantastic, not just in money terms but in the confidence it has given going forward.

Here’s a sample (more below)

, Weekend Combo Profit $2,200

Here are the completed April stats.
Of course there are profits all round due in no small part to the top-rated accuracy:

11 Top raters won from 34, that’s 32.4% @ $4.66.
$100 bet $3,400, Return $$5,125,
Profit $1,725 (51%)

Elite Filters April

17 Bets

5 Winners (29.4%) @ $5.03 average win div

Elite Filter Bet           $2,815
Return                        $3,803
Profit                           $ 988
Profit%                       35%


Elite Filters April

7 Bets

2 Winners (28.6%) @ $4.50 average win div

Elite Filter Bet              $1,100
Return                        $1,350
Profit                           $ 240
Profit%                       22%


Mel Combo

28 Bets

9 Winners (32.1%) @ $4.74 average win div

Mel Combo Bet            $4,300
Return                        $7,256
Profit                           $2,956
Profit%                       69%


Larry’s Best

6 Bets

2 Winners (33.3%) @ $6.15 average win div

L-Best Bet                $1,200
Return                      $2,460
Profit                        $1,260
Profit%                       105%


Mel Combo Contributing Plans.

Members may be interested in the other three plans that contribute to the Combo (Colour-Code, Grade% and Top-Rated 6 Filters). How did they fare in their own right?

, Weekend Combo Profit $2,200

Remember, several of their qualifiers do not make the cut when the Combo filters are applied. All plans listed on race morning in your Master Spreadsheet.


T6: Top-Rated Six Filters.

19 Bets

6 Winners (31.6%) @ $4.63 average win div

$100 Bet                    $1,900
Return                        $2,780
Profit                           $ 880
Profit%                       46.3%


C-C: Colour Code

19 Bets

3 Winners (15.8%) @ $7.10 average win div

C-Code Bet                 $2,500
Return                        $2,695
Profit                           $ 195
Profit%                       8%


Grade% Bets

26 Bets

10 Winners (38.5%) @ $4.38 average win div

Grade % Bet:              $2,090

Return                        $3,256
Profit                           $1,166
Profit%                       56%


Mel Combo v Elite-Filters

We included the following comparison tables in Sunday’s raceday messages but for completeness, here is the Mel Combo v Mel Elite-Filters meeting by meeting since the start of the Combo strategy in October.

, Weekend Combo Profit $2,200


Watch this space.
We have put a power of work into Melbourne and everybody can see that we are getting more value from our industry-leading ratings than ever before. $2,200 net profit over the weekend, wow!

We will certainly do the same for Sydney and are aiming for a plan that provides a similar boost in performance.

We have our foot on throat of all those services who make their living from bookie kick-backs from their clients’ losses.
It feels great!
We continue to find the regular big winners, have the strategies and are unrelenting in delivering value for our members, that’s all foreign to ‘them’. We refuse to affiliate with bookies, our money is coming straight from their bags!

More Elated Elite Members

, Weekend Combo Profit $2,200

, Weekend Combo Profit $2,200