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How to Series: Multi Tips


Highly accurate multi bet tips direct to your email and online included at no extra cost as part of the Elite Racing membership package

Multi betting strategies are seriously neglected and misunderstood by Australian punters. Elite Racing has been at the forefront of harvesting this mass pool of uneducated multi betting money since the early nineties.

Using the power of the Elite Ratings selections and the amazing Elite Multi Software (please note: no memberships currently available for the multi-app) the Multi-Bets are transmitted direct to your email and online.

The Elite advantage

Other services and ‘instant experts’ are belatedly throwing their hat into the ring hoping for a multi miracle, but none have the expertise and experience and long-term proven record to compete with our results.

With Elite’s constant flow of value-priced winners combined with the time proven Elite Multi concept you have an enormous advantage over other punters.


Elite Multi Tips

The Elite-Multi numbers are listed on the email and also online.



The Multi-Pro bets in the top box and the non-qualified bets in the bottom box for an interest.

Up to 12 selections are listed in order.

Most clients take the default:

3×9 Exacta,

3x9x9 Trifecta and

3x9x9x12 First-4.


Eg: Race 4 Above:

To win:            4-3-8

2nd:                  4-3-8-6-12-2-7-1-5

3rd:                   4-3-8-6-12-2-7-1-5

4th:                   4-3-8-6-12-2-7-1-5-9-10-11


What a huge results for Elite members. That was the actual Pro-Multi Bet for Race 4 on September 24th.

Exacta :  $190

Trifecta: $3939

First Four: $65,536

 Complete results are kept up to date for members on the online Multi-Tips Spreadsheet where you can analyse every multi tip going back years.