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Elite Sydney: True Gold

Last week we reported $1,995 net profit for Mel-Syd betting on Saturday 27th Jan: The value of spreading your betting risk between the two states was illustrated perfectly on Saturday 3rd Feb. The E2-Combo in Melbourne had a losing day

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How-To Series: Elite Pace Strategy

Elite Pace We know pace. We know which races will be won by swoopers and which ones will be on-pace and we know which horses are suited accordingly. It is not always a matter of fast pace = swoopers that’s

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How-To Series PACE Abbreviations

Elite Pace Abbreviations Horse Position in run We map all the runners with their expected position in the run denoted by letters. This is explained in the intro-pak and the image below was taken from there. Race Pace The pace

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How to Series: How Elite Members WIN

Why Elite Members WIN This is the conclusion in our Intro Pak for new members. It gives an insight as to why so many Elite members are now successful punters who are having fun and can’t wait for the next

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