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Elite Racing Melbourne Strategies

This is the MAIN strategy for Elite Punters More Info xxxxxxxxxxxx
2017-2019 Stats $10k Bank. 500 Bets Average Bet Size $130 200 won Bet$ Return$ Profit$ % Profit Profit Per Week:
go to https://www.eliteracing.com.au/results/winning-filters-results/
Many members still apply this long-proven strategy Best of the Best of the Mel Top-Raters
2017-2019 Stats $10k Bank. 500 Bets Average Bet Size $130 200 won Bet$ Return$ Profit$ % Profit Profit Per Week:
We have a ceiling of about 700 Elite members.
With 700 Elite members many like to bet in their own way on the mass of other data that is provided outside tmain strategy. Feedback tells us that there are quaddie punters, race to race doubles punters, parlay punters, overlay punters, multi punters, Dutch-Bookers and just about any other type of punter you can name. We have very successful professionals on the books and they reference our data before they would think of betting on Melbourne Saturday class races. One let me know that we turned what would have been a loss into a massive winning day when our Top-Rated EGYPTIAN BULLET won at 20/1 at Flemington. If Elite has big-priced horses rated right up there they take notice.
80% of Elite Punters are serious, want to win and commit to bet properly, 20% do not – no matter how much they are coached to win. The 80% keep winning and the 20% are replaced.
Don’t tell anyone but they are not really long-shots. Top-Rated winners like Prized Icon at $19 in the Derby or Terravista at $15 in the lightning Stakes should be favourites. It is just that the price assessors are quite often wrong and when they are Elite’s expertise makes sure that you are on them.
No. Since the early days we have had to set a rule not to socialise with clients. In the mid-nineties we had accumulated a band of followers that latched on at every chance. It got out of control and had to stop. The rule may disaffect some members who just want to be sociable but if it costs clients then so be it. Because we stick to that rule we have much more quality time and all members get the benefit.
Elite excels during winter racing. Quite often it is easier than constant dry track racing because many horses, sometimes horses well in the betting, can be ruled out straight away. There is excellent value to be found on rain affected tracks. Occasionally the weather is unpredictable so we do urge members to not bet if the track grade gets 2 or more grades away from our morning rating. High winds can also affect the expected outcomes and we watch and warn if necessary.

Elite Ratings

Elite rates the chances in order and includes assessed odds for those top five rated. The winner is found in these five selections in more than 80% of the rated races. The Top-3 rated finds approx 60% winners @ approx $6.00 average winning odds. Elite Racing membership secures access to Elite Ratings (Top-5 selections for selected Melbourne Saturday class races). Betting suggestions,strategies, data spreadsheets and extra raceday information beyond the Elite Ratings are provided as free extra information based on the core membership to access Elite Ratings.
The ratings are available in both pdf and Excel Spreadsheet (interactive) format. They are included on the raceday email and also uploaded to your online member’s only web site.
Yes we do. We operate right through the year and there can be bets during the spring carnival. However, that time of the year is dangerous for punters with international and interstate visitors and big high-quality fields with many winning chances. Throughout the year we continually pick off good opportunities that present themselves because we go against the masses – that particularly applies during the spring when ordinary punters and tipping services are in a fever.

Elite Pace Strategy and Race Dynamics

If you do not know the track “bias” BEFORE the meeting you cannot hope to win. Our unique and deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of each distance at each Melbourne track under every possible variable has been gleaned from more than 30 years of research and development. It is one of Elite’s biggest advantages over the other services who talk a lot about pace but do not understand it properly. They certainly cannot hope to apply any systematic process specifically tailored to each individual race/horse scenario that can throw up numerous variables peculiar only to ‘that’ race. Our race morning race-dynamics concept continues to be prove a real game changer. It is just so accurate. We know in advance what is likely to happen in each race as far as “bias” goes. During the meeting the ‘experts” are scratching their heads saying: “it’s a leaders’ track, now it’s a swoopers track, don’t go near the rail, whoops that was a great rails winning ride…” They get totally confused and it is something that they should know before the meeting starts. Remember, we were producing the famous Elite Video Reports throughout the nineties long before the new age experts ‘discovered’ pace and sectionals. As an Elite member you are getting the value of this exclusive knowledge in the form of a constant flow of good priced winners which are, in real time, producing big raceday profits week after week.
Yes, we provide the accurate position in the run of every horses in nearly every rated race. Horses can’t be pegged for life as Back-markers or On-Pacers or whatever. Every race is different and a Swooper one day may be On-Pace the next. We get that right before The Race more often than any other service. Predicting tactics is vitally important.


Elite’s transparency is legendary. We provide masses of accurate data for members so that they can audit, analyse, do what-ifs. If you are into Excel spreadsheets you will love the depth of data that you can analyse.
No, of course not. We are betting on horses and jockeys. Any race can result in a loss any meeting can lose, any month can lose. Fortunately we win most months. We have more winning days than losing days and, on average, the winning days win a lot more than the losing days lose.
We get more than 80% winners in our top-5 rated and 60% in our Top-3 rated. The one-bet-per-race Larry’s Best win at better than 33%. But those figures are meaningless. Strike rate is only part of the equation.
Our massive advantage is due to the way-above industry average winning odds.
For example even if an opposition service could find 60% winners in their top-3 picks they would still fall way behind Elite because they do not come close to averaging the $5.00 for each winner that is required just to break even. We average over $6.00 for our 60% winners in our top-3. Even if they could find 35% one-out winners like Larry’s Best Specials they would probably be averaging $2.50 odds to get that strike rate. We average about %5.00 for those 35+% winning specials.
The Elite difference is good strike-rate combined with great value.

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