“Best Tip Site Ever”

“Best Tip Site Ever”

Thanks again for the feedback after yet another bookie mauling at Flemington.

Saturday 16th Sept at Flemington:

Larry’s Best: 2 bets, one winner +$280.

Elite Gold: 4 bets, two winners +$292

Elite Top-Rated: 9 Bets, four winners +$560  (37% winners in Sept @ $4.54)

Elite PACE Strategy: 2 bets, two winners + $826

And the plan that puts them all together:

E2-Combo: 5 bets, 2 winners +$1,108


Throw in Sydney’s Gold Bets (Sydney membership): 4 bets, three winners + $698

Not to mention the True-Favourites (True-Favourites membership): 6 bets, four winners + $294

And it was a great day all round.


Four Main Strategies

I hope you can take a couple of minutes to study the monthly stats table below for each of the four main plans, as listed, for 2017. I have tried to make it as simple as possible.

I simply must put aside my reluctance to brag here. The performance table below clearly shows a scale of dominance in accuracy, consistency and profitability that the racing information industry has never seen before.

These are important stats and they are the basis of determining whether you are getting value from your Elite investment or not. If a service can get such consistent profits across the board with several specific ready-to-bet strategies, in real time, then I would hope that would be considered a wise investment.

Sure, there have been hiccups along the way, but look at it this way:

There are four strategies analysed monthly for nine months. That means there are 9 x 4 = 36 possible monthly outcomes on the analysis below.

36 Possible Monthly Profit Outcomes:

7 showed a loss!  (average loss -$805)

28 showed a profit: (average win + $1590)

One broke even.

That’s 81% successful monthly outcomes.

Elite Gold: 67%, Larry’s Best: 78%, Top-Rated Elite 78%, Elite-Pace 100%

Roulette players would love Elite Odds: Betting 29 blacks against just 7 reds.


If any member backed every qualifier from the four main strategies this year, they are $38k in front! That’s 47% overall profit.

If they simply backed Larry’s Best they are $15,666 in profit.

$100 level bet on ALL Elite Top-Rated is making more than $1,000 per month.

 The Elite Gold smashed through the +$5,000 net profit threshold this month.

The Elite-Pace strategy is simply awesome.

ALL banks are at new record high levels after Saturday’s success.


The E2-Combo is hugely popular.

All the main strategies are combined into one raceday-list in such a way that profits are massively enhanced.

This is yesterday’s Flemington list.

Even though Swampland ($6.60) was held up for 300m and got clear too late, the E2-Combo bets added another $1100 net profit.

By the way, Chris Symons must be congratulated on his courageous efforts to try and win that race on Swampland. He put himself in real danger trying to poke through non-existent gaps.

All we can ask of the jocks is that they do everything they can to win like Chris Symons.


We can claim partial correctness in the Swampland Larry’s Best tip. We did identify the getting-out problem…

Larry’s Best Flemington16th Sept


This E2-Combo Performance table should help provide extra data for members who are still evaluating their Elite betting options. The E2-Combo is so popular because all the combining work is done by us, you get a list ready-to-bet.

We can’t make it simpler than that. Spreadsheet members have been busy checking these results using the formulas provided.

Look at that! 96% net profit rate.

The Four-Main-Strategies’ March losses are eliminated and the pain from the June run of outs is minimalised. In all other months, the profit % is dramatically increased.


We work from various locations and attending to land-line phone calls has always been our weak point. An email is always the best option. win@eliteracing.com.au


Coming Meetings

It is great to be betting on the exciting spring performers and making so much profit.

Note that on the AFL Grand Final weekend, the one meeting to be covered is Sunday 1st October.

There are six meetings to be covered in October (no MV night meetings) then the Cup carnival. Bring it on!