42% Top-Rated Winners – that’s Horse Racing Tips at the Elite level

42% Top-Rated Winners – that’s Horse Racing Tips at the Elite level

Six from 9 at The Valley!

The SIX Top-Rated Winners from nine rated races at Moonee Valley on Saturday (21st Jan) took the 2017 top-rated winning tally to 14 from 33 (42.4% winners)

Gratwick $6.00
Zarscorceress $6.00
Burning Front $1.60
Big Duke $2.05
Smart Dart $9.00
Ameristralia $2.70.

We received this emailed query from a long-term Elite member:

Q: Gidday Larry, your personal best Selections have been outstanding. Will these bets continue? I am an old bloke and don’t use excel. I have noticed the top rated runner is going great. Where can I get the records for the Elite top rated selections. Very impressed with your best selections.

 A: Yes, the “My Best” will continue.
The Top-Rated runners’ results are listed in the online (members only) Ratings Gold 2017 spreadsheet but I can see that is a problem for you.
I have attached a list of the Elite Ratings Top-Rated runners for this season so far and below is a list of the Top-Rated in 2017 and “My Best” this year:

Top-Rated-2016-2017 Season   pdf

Elite Ratings Top-Rated 2017

Already this year in four meetings we have tipped 5 top-rated winners and 6 top-rated winners on a program.

With three favourites included, the average winning odds of our six top-rated selections at Moonee Valley yesterday was $4.56.


2017 Top-Rated Selections


Where do I find the Top-Rated Selection?

The Top-Five rated horses are listed in rated-order on the Race-Day Pro-Sheet (pdf AND Excel).
The other runners are listed in AM odds order.

The Top-Rated selection is the one with #1 under the heading Rated Order.

Here’s Saturday’s complete list of rated races:

Elite-Raceday-ProSheet-Saturday-21st-Jan-2017-M-Valley   pdf


“Larry’s Best” 2017

These bets are provided due to constant requests from many members and have nothing to do with the main plan, Elite Ratings Gold System.
They are there for your information as to what I am most keen on at the meeting. (Larry)

We don’t give out the obvious ones like the Big Dukes and Burning Fronts as “My Best” because these hot favourites have been tipped by the masses.
You are not paying me to tip even money shots as ‘specials’ and if other services do they should be ashamed of themselves.

Have a look at Smart Dart’s form and ask why the hell was he $9.00. He should have been the favourite.
It’s not rocket science to find the Smart Darts and Bradmans if you put the hours in but Melbourne tipsters seem to have really zoned in on the favourites more than ever.
Very well-performed, well placed runners like Smart Dart are drifting out to amazing odds.
Five of the “My Best” seven winners have been $5 or better.

When it gets a bit tricky and the clues are not so obvious to the part timers, that’s when your $25 per week Elite investment pays off.

Larry’s Best 2017

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Regards, Larry