$29,000 First 4 on Derby Day

Derby Day

Elite Punters have made a great start to Cup week.


 Elite Filters:

, $29,000 First 4 on Derby Day

Kemalpasa won easily at $5.00

Sound just caught in the last stride at $8.50

Fiesta won easily at $7.00

Another winning month for Mel Elite Filters.


Multi Betting

Members dined out on some amazing value at Flemington.
The best two of the four successful first-4’s paid $8,368 and $29,088.

We are hoping to top this over the coming three days of the carnival.

It can only happen if you have access to ratings that consistently find the big priced winners in the top-3 rated. Elite is famous for that.
The dividends are so huge because most punters box a number of runners and fill the pool up for us.

, $29,000 First 4 on Derby Day


Derby Day

 This is the All-Rated list from Saturday 31st October 2020.

Our 3x9x9x12 system got four first fours, Four trifectas and Four Exactas.

The best two are highlighted. 

How did you get that Race 8 monster? 

We got the $29,000 first four, $2,000 trifecta and $169 Exacta collects in race 8:
The directions are included on every raceday message and in full detail with examples in the intro-pak

Three to WIN (Rated 1,2 and 3): 2-5-7

For Second: 2-5-7 PLUS six more to make NINE: 4-9-13-1-15-16

For Third: same as second: 2-5-7-4-9-13-1-15-16

For Fourth: 2-5-7-4-9-13-1-15-16 PLUS three more to make twelve: 12-6-8


Number 5 won (Yulong Prince $12.00, second rated)

Number 7 came second (Cascadian, third rated $17)

Number 9 came third (Rock, 5th rated $8.50)

Number 12 came fourth (Age of Chivalry 10th rated, $26)

Exacta: Yes,   $169

Trifecta Yes,  $2,006

First 4 Yes,     $29,088