13 Elite winners from 24 Bets this weekend

13 Elite winners from 24 Bets this weekend


The stars were all aligned for Elite punters again this weekend with all three services delivering excellent profits.



This is the score sheet of a service that delivers!
13 winners from 24 bets.

 Weekend 12th– 13th Jan 2018

Melbourne: E2-Combo as listed, Sydney: Sydney Gold as listed, True-Favourites as listed.

13 winners from 24 bets

11 winners from 15 bets for the $100+ bets.

Last week, we gave a free one-day Sydney-Ratings trial to Elite members who have not yet joined the Sydney service.

Bad timing or what!

The Sydney Gold had 8 bets for two winners (and three seconds) last week and lost $500.

This week there were 8 bets for FIVE winners (and two seconds) and a PROFIT of $1,400. That brought the Sydney Gold profit over the past four months to just under $5,000.

I know we would have scared off the non-Sydney members off last week but at least those of you that have joined Sydney are making heaps.

Fortunately, that is the great majority.



Larry and Richard