100/1 Specials All-Up

100/1 Specials All-Up

It was a massive day at Flemington on Sat (18th) even by Elite standards. Thanks for the emails, I will try to answer each one, hopefully tomorrow. A selection of your feedback is included below.

The all up value of our two Larry’s-Best yesterday was 7.50 x 15.00 = $112.50.

For detailed information on the various Components that make up Elite Racing we have set up a one-page reference directory:

Let’s have a look at yesterday’s information just so that all members are on the same page and have no problem as to where to find what.

Larry’s Best

Larrys-Best-2017 pdf list of results

Our two Larry’s Best were listed on the raceday email and the online raceday page:

Flemington Feb 18th 2017

Post D’France (WON $7.50) and Terravista (WON $15.00).

They took the tally so far to:

12 from 25 @ the incredible average winning odds of $6.74.

Bet: $2,500 Return: $8,090

Profit: $5,590 (Jan + $3,300, Feb + $2,290)

Ratings Gold Bets

Ratings-Gold-2014-2017 pdf list of results

The Ratings Gold Bets are listed on the email under the heading “Main Elite Strategy, ready to bet.

Flemington Feb 18th 2017


The $600 investment at Flemington returned $1,875 thanks again to Terravista and Post D’France.

The Elite Ratings Gold Specials are the $200 bets. One bet one loser yesterday.

Elite Ratings Gold this year so far (as listed at the time):

Bet: $5,300 Return: $7,265

Net Profit: $1,965. (Jan + $470, Feb + $1,495)

Elite Ratings Top-Rated

Elite-Ratings TOP-Rated-2016-2017-Season pdf list of results

The Elite Top-Rated are found in the raceday Pro-Sheet pdf and the spreadsheet. There are links to them on the email and online.

This is the ratings sheet for race 8:

The $800 investment ($100 on each Top-Rater) at Flemington returned $3,520:


Elite Ratings Top-Rated this year so far (as listed):

Bet: $7,000 Return: $13,215

Net Profit: $6,215. (Jan + $3,785, Feb + $2,430)


To Come:

Best Value, Multi Bets (Trifectas, First-4, Exacta, Quaddie), Elite Pace Bets etc.

We will continue update this How-To series as we get time during the week, it’s getting a bit uncomfortable sitting on this wallet.


FREE Interstate Ratings

We are still working on analysing the Sydney and Perth Ratings that you are receiving as a free bonus until 31st March.

As advised several times over the past six weeks, there are no recommended strategies. The data is building up but we started with a blank canvas. What may apply to our Melbourne ratings may not necessarily suit the interstate dynamics. Some great trends though.

We have previously advised of the outstanding Top-Rated performance of the Sydney ratings.


Thanks for the thanks